Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Who caught who" or "Pay back is hell"

I normally do not forward emails, but this one is a cracker. The names have been deleted to protect the innocent and guilty.

You may be forgiven for thinking that any man would look proud after catching a large barracuda as he poses with the fish and his 14 year-old daughter at the marina afterwards.
From barracuda bite
Then you may wonder why his daughter looks less than thrilled.

14 year old was sitting in a boat while her father fished. Suddenly she saw a silver flash in the air. The barracuda had thrown the hook and grabbed her arm.

Father managed to kill the fish with a knife in the head.

But she needed 51 stitches.

And he felt the need to pose for photos before taking her to hospital!

From barracuda bite

From barracuda bite
Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. If I'm seeing this right, it nailed both her arms. I can't, for the life of me, Understand the first picture. From the looks of the bite(s), she should have been in an ambulance not posing.


tbyrodney said...

pity her..... anyway, great catch.

Nigel said...

Oh my.... speedy recovery to the kid... i wouldnt want to be on the end of that...

MIZLAN said...

wow! picture is so surprise me ... the spirit was so high for fish to life, thank you for displaying this story. It make me to always be careful, do not necessarily have landed fish can not hurt people, but may be killing . The environment is something can not be expected

Ben said...

WOW! I have always worried about getting chomped by these brutes. Hope she is ok.
We get some freaky big cuda here in Palau, will be EXTRA careful in the future