Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ika Tavu or Fish cooked on an open fire

,There is a swell in Fiji. And I mean a big swell. Apparently there was a huge storm in New Zealand and it sent a giant swell to us. When I say giant I mean 4+ meters measured on the backside. That makes the face up to 8 meters. That's big. It also means we are not fishing out on the reefs, way too dangerous.
So we head down to a protected river mouth with a truck load of people, gear and the dog, for a Sunday on the beach.
We get to the beach at the bottom of the tide so we can fish the incoming. 15lb gear is on tap for the day and the first to jump on a hook is a Beltfish (Largehead Hairtail).
From Ika tavu
We have never caught one of these, so this creepy looking sea creature got us all excited. Luckily there was a fellow hanging around that new what it was and wanted it for his dinner.
We fished with such intensity that no fish had a chance if it even wanted to swim by.
From Ika tavu
A good friend Erik, showed up on his scooter and decided to stick around. We had an extra pole so he took it and proceeded to catch a nice Trevally.
From Ika tavu
We had plans for any fish we caught for today. Those plans involved a beach fire and a not so happy ending for the fish.
From Ika tavu
Preparing the feast.
From Ika tavu
I can taste it already.
From Ika tavu
Almost done.
From Ika tavu

It is amazing what you find inside the bellies of fish. This one had the stomache of the trevally bloated and misshapen.
From Ika tavu
Ahhhhhh Ika Tavu (fish cooked on the fire) with lemon and chillie.
From Ika tavu
Lou with one of the many catches of the day.
From Ika tavu
Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Looks like a good time was had by all. That Beltfish is a really ugly looking thing. If I saw something like that in the water, and I've spent a lot of time underwater, it would scare the hell out of me.


Nigel said...

The beltfish is a wonderful treat where i come from. Great report and food. Makes me salivate! Cheers and tightlines too

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a lot of fun and the food looks mighty tasty. I am sure I would have enjoyed it all. Never seen or heard of a beltfish. So thanks to you folks, I have learned something today! Oh, love Lou's hat and his fish too. Kind of reminds me of when I go fishing!

hector200 said...

excellent report my friend, nice fish and a great fest, The beltfish is cold her in Mexico pez cintilla o machete

Fishin Fool said...

Looks like a lot of fun! What is the name of the little white and black fish in the last picture of this post? I caught one and have no idea what it is. Thanks for the info!

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T. Brook Smith said...

Love the weird fish. It never ceases to amaze me how many varieties of fish are out there that I've just never seen (despite a lifetime of paying attention).

Looks like you had a great day.