Thursday, September 30, 2010

To film or not to film? That is the question.

We set out with the intention of filming some how to videos. How to tie a bimini, how to cast big poppers etc. Unfortunately our camera man brought his new fishing pole and wanted to give it a try. And who am I to say no you can not fish?
As we left the river mouth it looked to be a cracker of a day.
From Inshore with Brendan
But as usual that was just a teaser. Within 5 minutes the wind was blowing 20 knots and the chop had picked up. We headed to a sheltered bay to do a bit of filming. Brendan (the videographer) grabbed his new 15 lb rod and reel and proceeded to cast a small popper to the shallow reefs surrounding us.
Before I could tie a bimini twist he was on, and it was a good fish.
From Inshore with Brendan
The Trevally had him doing circles around the boat. I knew at that very instant that he would not be filming on this day. After a good fight by both angler and fish, the angler was victorious. A nice 4kg trevally.
So it was to be, that Brendan was now sporting a grin that would not soon go away.
We then moved out to a bit deeper reef system which of course means a bit larger fish. Time to switch to the 30 lb gear. Of course just to make his point clear that he had no intentions on filming, Brendan went on to catch a very nice 6 kg Bluefin Trevally.
From Inshore with Brendan
Now this next picture of the same fish, only a close up, is for a reason. It is the last time Brendan's popper was ever seen.
From Inshore with Brendan
Very soon after a giant cod or Red bass engulfed the popper, split ring, and swivel in one smooth, explosive move. It bit right though the twisted double leader. Of course Brendan was devistated. I felt his pain for exactly one second, then I realized he would be buying another from my shop. I know, I'm a little bit evil.
Next up was Rosie with a nice Bluefin.
From Inshore with Brendan
Followed by another Trevally.
From Inshore with Brendan
Look closely at Rosie's popper because it is no more. Taken in the same unceremonious way as Brendan's. A big rampaging something that was unstoppable.
After all the fish these two were catching it made me hungry.
Corned beef and crackers, a clasic Fijian lunch.
From Inshore with Brendan
After lunch it was the captains turn to catch a fish, no matter how small.
From Inshore with Brendan
On our way home we tucked into a small sheltered bay again and Brendan proceeded to catch a few small Trevally's and a baby Goatfish.
From Inshore with Brendan
After that we pounded our way into the wind and chop to make it home before dark.
We had a great day despite no filming.
Oh and Brendan has decided he wants to go out again this Sunday, to fish.

Tight lines


tbyrodney said...

no film but with good fish, that's enough to make me happy.... hahahaha

Coloradocasters said...

Great post and love those fish! The same thing happens when I try to bring a camera guy to a hot spot. Now I do most of my own filming. Ha ha Good stuff.

Team MiRketti said...

I don't think I would be a very good camera man for you either if I had the opportunity to catch those Trevally. Those are some impressive fish.

jepp79 said...

nice fishing, beautiful fish..

Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Doesn't sound to me like you're going to get any video, any time soon. The stills are good, for now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a great day of fishing. Congratulations to you all! You will need to find a video guy who has no interest in fishing, I guess. That may be hard to find!

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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

FW: What a nice catch, those are some great fighting fish.

Outdoor Blogger Network said...

Congrats ~ Your blog is now entered on the Outdoor Blogger Network Directory.

Fantastic pictures of some happy anglers ~

maruthi said...

cool pics!! What a nice catch, those are some great fighting fish.

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