Friday, March 23, 2012

Aquateko product review

I received an email the other day from a company called Aquateko. They have asked me to try out a couple of their products.
The first one is called InvisiSwivel. It is made of Fluorocarbon material.

Invisible fishing swivelsInvisible In Water
indestructablefishing swivel
Virtually Indestructible
fishing swivelsNeutrally Buoyant

non-metallic fishing swivelsNon-Metallic, Non-Corrosive
fishing swivels for braid or mono
Perfect for Braid To Flouro/Mono
mainteneance free fishing swivels
Maintenance Free

The second product is called Knot 2 Kinky wire. It is a nickle and titanium alloy wire that can be tied. So no more crimps.

From invisaswivel
stretchable metal fishing leadersStretches
fishing leader knotable metail alloy
fishing leader bite resistant
Kink/Bite Resistant
Non corroding fishing leader
Never Corrodes
fishing leader for toothy fish
Perfect for Toothy Fish
fishing leader Titanium alloy stronger
Stronger than Titanium Wire
fishing leader knotable metail alloy
Professional Grade

Once I receive the products I will post again and then I will put them through their paces and let you all know what I think.

Tight Lines

Monday, March 19, 2012

In search of Doggies Take 3

Ding! Round three in the search for Dogtooth Tuna.
We have been very lucky with our weather during our weekend hunts. This one was no exception.
The tides were right and the weather was stellar.
Where there's birds there's fish.
From Doggies Take 3
The plan was basically the same. Get to the general area and then use the sounder to find the depth range and hopefully the Dogs.
As with all fishing down deep, you never know what you will come up with. Especially when you are fishing in the 70-100 meter depth range. It looked fishy and Rosie proved it was fishy with this lovely Brown Spotted Grouper.
Mean while Wayne and I are speed jigging like maniacs and not really catching anything but sore arms.
Soon after this beauty was caught Rosie decided she wanted to live bait with steel wire. Well the outcome of that can only go one way. A leviathan of the deep. A monster that no one wants to touch. A beast of nightmares.
OK enough here is the video. Warning this video does contain some language that might be offensive to some.
Now if you do not want to watch the video I shall paraphrase it for you.
The fight lasted more than an hour and pretty much whipped Rosie. Lucky for here she had new TufLine XP 50 lb indicator braid and a brand new Black Hole, Cape Cod jigging rod. I only got one shot of the shark, but there is underwater video footage in the above video.
From Doggies Take 3
We put this Silvertip shark at about 8ft and a hell of a lot of teeth.
Now that we are done with this shark it is time to get back to jigging for Doggies. Oh and by the way, during the fight Rosie swore off using steel leader and live baiting ever again. Until the next time of course.
Back to the jigging we proceeded to pull all kinds of fish. including the Lyre Tail Grouper.
From Doggies Take 3
A small Blue Trevally that was hooked in the back.
From Doggies Take 3
Now that Rosie was not using steel wire she was catching fish of a much more reasonable size.
From Doggies Take 3
Unfortunately the elusive Dogtooth was just that, elusive. Wayne lost every jig he had including one of mine. Of course we do not know what it was that was taking them, but that did not deter us.
Here is a shot of Wayne waiting for his jig to hit the bottom.
From Doggies Take 3
The day was winding down and Wayne wanted one more drop. I told Rosie to get the video rolling as I had a feeling of the out come. It would be the same as all of the other ones.

After all that excitement it was time to head home. We had a bout a 20 mile run and I hate driving at night.
One exhausted angler.
From Doggies Take 3
And a gorgeous sunset to finish off a good day.
From Doggies Take 3
Tight Lines

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In search of Doggies part 2

Time to try to catch a Dogtooth Tuna again.
By the way a Dogtooth Tuna is not really a tuna at all, in fact it is a member of the Scombridea family, in it's own genus, Gymnosarda. More closely related to the Mackerels and bonitos than the tunas.
The game plan is set and the gear is all ready. We load up enough tackle to start another store.
This time our crew consists of, Brendan, Wayne (Fisher X), Loren, who has fished with us before, and of course Rosie. Who, not only does she catch a lot of fish, but she is also on the camera as well as video.
From In search of Doggies 2
First up once we get out to the reefs is to catch some bait. This we done using a Sabiki rig. Slow trolled along the reefs.
From In search of Doggies 2
Here's Wayne setting out our Sabiki rig.
From In search of Doggies 2
The bait we are fishing for is quite a bit bigger than say a mullet or a gar fish. We are actually trying to catch double lined mackerel, also called Scad Mackerel. It is a great bait for all kinds of fish.
Our first catch on the Sabiki is a Walu (Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel).
From In search of Doggies 2
Not really bait material but definitely eating goods.
Back in the water and off we go again.
From In search of Doggies 2
And we wait
From In search of Doggies 2
Until we finally get a couple Scads. (image borrowed from the last post as no photo was taken)
From In search of doggies, take 1
No it is time to get serious and do some jigging.
First up of course is Rosie with a nice Bluefin Trevally caught on a Williamson flutter jig.
From In search of Doggies 2
Now anyone who has ever been out on the sea for any period of time will eventually see amazing sights and events. The ocean is vast and there is a lot of animals and weather and sky to look at.
Almost with out thinking when an image presents itself to you and you have a camera you will take a photo.
From In search of Doggies 2
Dark stormy sky contrasted by lighter sky. Dark seas contrasted by light seas and the birds take no notice.
Next up is your captain with an Emperor.
From In search of Doggies 2
Next up is wayne with a pair of Rusty Job fish.
From In search of Doggies 2
Now Brendan shows up to the party with a big Rainbow Runner a member of the Jack family, Carangidea
From In search of Doggies 2
Now Loren has been watching all of this jigging and has come to the conclusion that we are all mad and are working way to hard to catch fish. He might have a point.
He is fishing with bait using a double hook rig with a sinker on the bottom. A very effective rig for catching food fish, and he proves it here.
From In search of Doggies 2
Here is a Bluefin Trevally caught on a flutter jig by Brendan.
From In search of Doggies 2
Now Rosie gets into bait fishing and has her own double hook-up.
From In search of Doggies 2
Now you would think with all the excitement of catching every kind of fish imaginable we would forget the dog we came looking for.
That can not happen. We are on a mission, to subdue a doggie and bring it onboard. And after hours of jigging, with sore arms and backs. Chaffed under arms and blistered fingers a doggie is finally hooked. There is no doubt what is on the other end of Wayne's line. The fight is unique to the Dogtooth Tuna. Hard runs and tail beats that pulse up the line and through the rod. Never surrendering all the way to the surface. Once it is in the boat and secure, jubilation breaks out among us.
Although not huge or even large but amazingly powerful. The one, the only, Dogtooth Tuna.
From In search of Doggies 2
It has become almost mythical due to our obsession with catching one.
Now that we have caught one and have learned some valuable lessons, we can set our sites on a real brute, in the 50kg range.
We had a rather long trip back to the dock, but it was made bearable with the knowledge of one under our belt.
From In search of Doggies 2
This quest is not over, not by a long shot. In fact I would say it is just beginning.
Until next time.
Tight Lines