Monday, October 29, 2012

One very rough Sunday

The weather Gods have not been kind to us this year. There has been two kinds of weather, rain with wind or sun with more wind. This day was sun with more wind. 
OK enough whining, we still went fishing.
As I said it was windy so jigging was on tap for the day.
Now typically when the weather acts up the fish like to bite, after all, the surging water just brings more food to them. Today was that way, the fishing was good, but a lot of work for the skipper, me.
When bottom fishing it is important that you have a good fish finder and transducer. Reading the bottom is everything with this type of fishing.
I use a Garmin 4010 GPSMAPS with a 2kw transducer, I'll post a photo later. 
We fished as long as we could until the wind and wave became unbearable. At one point we were taking waves over the transom and engine while trying to hold a position long enough to drop to the bottom.
We caught lots of fish and lots of species of fish so no complaining. No one is listening anyway. 
OK enough chatter on with the photos.

Brendan with a nice Lyre tail Grouper.

Wayne with a Sand Grouper. This is a first for us.

Billy and Renee braving the weather, not for long.

Brendan with a High fin Grouper

Wayne and a Green Job fish

Nice weather.

Tight Lines

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy B'day Johno

Some good friend of ours came to visit on their way to Christmas Island, John and Karen. Now these two are probably more mad about fishing than Rosie and I. And that says alot. 
While they were staying with us it was John's birthday, so we had to go fishing on that day come hell or high water. 
Now being mad fishers, these two don't really need any lessons. Except the proper technique for casting a heavy popping outfit, which took all of about 1 minute.
Now if only the fish would cooperate. 
The weather was strange, no wind and very muggy. 
Hat off to these two, they put in some serious casting time and for John it finally paid off.

Heading out in the morning.

Karen, ready for action.

John showing us how it is done.

Calm and muggy.

Finally a GT, small but feisty.

The release.

Rosie had to get in on the action with a little bluefin trevally.

And the birthday boy lands a second one.

The fishing was less than stellar and a lot of hard work for these two, but we had a good time and with them. Lots of catching up and fish tails.

Until we meet again
Tight Lines

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lip Service

It is a matter of the lips!

Tight Lines

Friday, October 5, 2012

The mystery fish has been identified

Thanks to Mike Neumann of Beqa Adventure Divers and here . The fish ID mystery has been solved. It turns out it is a Yellow Spotted Trevally, Carangoides fulvoguttatus (also known as the goldspotted trevally and tarrum) also here
It is a first for us, but not an uncommon fish.
Thank you Mike, much appreciated.

Tight Lines

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help me identify this fish

This fish was caught in about 130 meters of water. At first I thought it was a bluefin trevally, but once I got it home I realized it was something different. It has blue on the anal fin and tail but not on the top of the body near the dorsal fin. It has a strange hump on its head and big blubbery lips. The scales were almost to small to see and the lateral line does not really match up with the bluefin trevally.
I was thinking maybe a hybrid, but not sure.
If you have any ideas let me know.