Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giveaway at Flowing Waters

A fellow angler and blogger is having a great giveaway at his blog, Flowing Waters. He is giving away a Bass package that includes some really great tackle. Swing by Wolfy's blog and and give him a shout out. He always has great posts and a great writing style.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Donavon's big Fiji GT

We got out again on Sunday, and after a week of calm weather I figured it would be blowing like hell. I was not disappointed. It was heavily overcast with a gusty 15-20 So'Easter blowing.
So much for calm weather.
We took out a couple of friends, Donavon and Sarah. They live about 20 minutes from us and frequent the tackle shop. Donavon was in the midst of the fishing learning curve and was eager to catch a GT.
Unfortunately as soon as we reached the reef Sarah fell victim to one of the worst possible noncontagious sicknesses, seasickness.
From Serua with Dono and Sarah
Since Rosie and I both used to get really seasick, we felt her pain and nausea. But, credit must be given to Sarah, she never once asked to go home. Once she had emptied her stomach she lied down in front of the console she was at least less uncomfortable and stayed there for the remainder of the trip.
All was quiet for the first couple of hours. a lot of chatter and some serious instruction for Donavon was all the action. Of course when it is time to break the drought Rosie is the sure fire gun for that.
From Serua with Dono and Sarah
With skill and speed she knocks over the first GT for the day.
Lucky for me she decides to take a break soon after and allows me to use her rod for a few casts out on the bow. As she settles into driving the boat and Donavon is at the back having a snack, I proceed to get a few casts in. As luck and timing would have it I hook into a nice one and after a short but intense fight Rosie lifts my GT into the boat.
From Serua with Dono and Sarah
Now, at this point Donavon is re-energized and all fired up to catch a fish. We have spent the better part of 4 hours honing his skills and shortening the learning curve. He is ready and is on the bow armed with my rod and reel and a River2Sea dumbbell popper. Casting like a mad man with determination seldom seen by humans. All of this is about to be rewarded in one massive explosion as the sea opens up and his popper disappears. Donavon is on and it is a nice fish. Line is melting off of the reel and for an instant there is a panicked look in his eyes. As he settles into the fight, panic turn to thrill and back to determination. After a good 5 minute fight his fish is boat side and I lift it in for him. He then sits on the rail to compose himself while Rosie and I go to work on the GT. Once the fish is cared for I give it to Donavon and they both get their picture taken.
From Serua with Dono and Sarah
A quick release saw the GT swim away strong and a good fight left Donavon with a smile that should last all week.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday fish in Fiji

I am a little late on this post because of computer problems. Now that those are fixed I can share our last trip out.
I took three friends out for a Sunday fish. The weather was frightful to say the least. Blowing 20-25 knots and threatening rain.
Since I am getting used to fishing in that kind of weather it is no big deal.
First one on board with a nice Bluefin Trevally was Paul.

Next up was John, he and I share the retail store space. He catches a little Bluefin also.

Then Vinod lands a nice GT.

At this point Paul's arms are getting tired from casting a 50lb rod and a big River2Sea dumbell popper. So he gives me a try while he drives the boat. I soon hook up to a nice GT and boat it for a quick photo session.

That was enough for me and I give the rod back to paul who then catches a big Long Tom.

All in all we landed 5 fish and dropped 5. Not bad considering these guys are beginners and the weather was crap.
Until next time.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Blocked ISP

This is just a quick notice to all of my blogging friends. For some reason my ISP will not allow me to view your blogs or any blogs for that matter. I can use a proxy server but it does not let me comment. So, I am visiting but you will not see me comment until this is figured out. Sorry for this but I will start commenting as soon as I can.

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