Friday, September 17, 2010

"Blowing dog's off chain's" or "Making the best of a windy situation"

The weather, what can you say? It is what it is and I should be glad I am not cold. That being said, it has been blowing for a week and a half, non stop. My friend Brendan likes to say, "blowing dogs off chains", very appropriate.
We decided to skip work and go for a fish, after all, we own the business and it has been so long since we fished I needed to see if I still knew how.
We headed out at 7:00 on the nose. The water was rather calm and as I throttled up, I was thinking, this is gonna be good.
I wanted to try some new spots and since it was so calm I figured why not.
We headed East, got out side the reef and was met by a ferocious swell and a wind that was picking up. After about 5 minutes of running into this I decided to stop the boat and see just how rough it was. After all popper fishing involves standing while casting and retrieving.
It became very obvious that that was not going to happen out here. The boat was being tossed around like it was in a washing machine.
A quick change of plans and we headed back West to some familiar grounds that are fishable in wind and swell.
We finally arrived to the new spot and wasted no time in wetting our lines. Unfortunately there was no one there to bite.
We fished until the low tide then made the decision to move. Another 20 minute ride and we are at the new location. The tide is moving again and then the bite comes on.
First up is Loren, he catches his first GT on his new rod and reel.
Rosie moves in to leader and land the fish.
This is one happy camper.
Next up, Rosie lands a Red Bass. Too bad they are poisoned.
By now it is getting really rough outside of the reef so we decide to make a move inside and switch to lighter tackle, 30lb.
First up is Loren again and he catches a whopper of a fish, a Leather Jacket.
We manage to catch a few Bluefin Trevally's, the take home and eat size. Then Rosie hooks onto a large Red Bass that tries to pull her rod into the water. After a good fight she is smiling and the Bass is photographed and released.
This is then followed by Loren getting smoked on some 8lb tackle. But it gave us all a good laugh.
Then in the worst possible location, with wind, tide and current all working in opposite directions, Rosie hooks up to a GT on her 30lb. Normally we would be fishing for GT's with 50-80lb tackle but not this time. A hell of a fight ensues and after nearly 8 minutes the fish is boated and Rosie is smiling again if not a little worse for wear.
Here is a short video of the fight.
That finished us off for the day. Until next time.
Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Since you're the warm weeather type, I guess "blowing dogs off chains" is better that a "three dog night". Nice pictures of a good day fishing.


Wolfy said...

Great post and pics, but your seas make me sick just looking at the pictures!!

Nice fish

Peter Strid said...

Looks like an awesome day.

Ben said...

Nice Red Bass!