Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishing Report May 26, 2009

We had a bit of a break in the weather and could not afford to miss the opportunity to fish.
It was a good tide and an early start. We headed out to new grounds to do a bit of exploring. We found some fish and some sand. We had bright sunshine and dark angry sky's. We had calm sea's and a 25 knot Westerly with accompanying swells. Beginners and experienced were all aboard. Best of all we had a great time.
Enough said, here are the pictures, they say plenty.

Amazing color change on these Sea Bass.
They start out reddish orange like a Mangrove Jack.
Then turn blueish grey, then back to reddish orange.

Vinod with a very nice Bluefin Trevally.

Paul with a respectable Bass.

Until we meet again.

Wish you were here?

Makes you want to swim.

Makes you want to Fish.


Picnic spot!

Going to the birds.

Snorkeling anyone?

One more look.

Tight lines and good days

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally got my fishing mojo back

I have been in a fishing slump lately. I have been going out regularly but no really catching anything.
We planned to go to Rukua village on Beqa to do a sevusevu and if we had time then a little fishing after.
The Tui Rukua was a very nice chief and we drank lots of grog and talked plenty. We spent about 3 hours with him and when we left we were thoroughly grog doped. No matter we had time for a fish so off we went to try a few new spots.
The wind was howling at a good 20-25 knts so we had to stay inside the reef.
Almost immediately upon fishing Rosie was on to a massive cod. It gave a good accounting of itself but soon succumbed to the 50lb braid. As she decided to have a break I took up her rod and had a few casts.
After about 15 minutes of drifting along and inshore reef we came upon a nice sunken coral head all by itself. I fired several casts at it when suddenly the water exploded and a giant hole opened up where my lure was. My line went tight instantly and the scream of the drag was unmistakable. I was onto a nice GT, finally. It was a good fight that the GT never gave up even at the end. After a few pictures the GT was in the water never looking back.
This was the first GT in the boat and I am hoping the end of my fishing slump.
Five more fish were landed during the session by others on the boat but I was one happy skipper.

Doing my sevusevu to the chief of Rukua village

Tui Rukua and myself

One big cod

One big mouth

In the heat of battle

Finally a GT

Tight lines

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fishing Report May 21,2009

Tried some new spots yesterday. The weather has shaped up for the time being. The boat did well but not I. For some reason I think I lost some of my mojo. Normally I do well fishing. I am not bragging here I just fish a lot and use my head to think like a fish, no matter how strange it gets. I have fished most of my life, so when I go on a streak of no fish it usually means something is wrong.
Now these last few trips I have had Captain Charles Wakeham with me and he does some of the driving and guiding. This could be my problem as I am jinxed when it comes to charters. Lately I have felt like I was on a charter boat with all the fishing I have been doing and Charles at the helm.
Although I did get smoked twice by GT's on 50lb braid. I felt like I brought a knife to a canon fight.
Oh well at least the rest on the boat are catching fish. Here are a few shots for you daily fish fix.

Sea Bass From XstreemFishingCom

Bluefin Trevally From XstreemFishingCom

Sea Bass From XstreemFishingCom

Casting From XstreemFishingCom
Tight lines

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yanuca sevusevu, Fiji

Ok so you are asking what the hell is a Yanuca (ya-new-tha) sevusevu (say-voo say-voo).
Yanuca is one of the islands I fish around and sevusevu is a gift of goodwill.
Here in Fiji all of the inshore reef systems are part of a village qoliqoli (ngoly ngoly). In other words it belongs to them.
So in order for me to fish on these reefs I need to go to each village where I want to fish and ask for permission, or perform a sevusevu.
This entails a bundle of yaqona and the Chief and/or the Turaga ni Koro, (village headman).
I present the yaqona to the Chief/headman and someone asks for permission for me to fish.
Some villages charge money and some do not. It all depends on the Chief.
It is a traditional custom and I have been doing it for over 10 years now.
It shows that you have respect for the Fijian customs.

Snap shot right after the ceremony.
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The Ride Home

This video was shot on the same day as the picture below. It blew all day and then when we decided to go home and it got really nasty.
Enjoy The Ride.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yanuca Fishing, Sea bass and Bluefin Trevally

It has finally started to clear up. No rain but the wind is still blowing. Not to be deterred we set out on a fishing expedition. The morning started out pretty good we had a NE wind that kept the swell to a minimum and allowed us do drift right along the reef and cast poppers. We caught a few nice Bass and a Bluefin Trevally. Lost a few better fish but all in all a good morning.
From Xstreem Fishing Fiji
From Xstreem Fishing Fiji
From Xstreem Fishing Fiji
From Xstreem Fishing Fiji
From Xstreem Fishing Fiji
By afternoon the wind changes to 25kt out of the SE and all but shut us down. So we headed home with a successful morning under our belts.

Tight lines

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fijian Sea Bass

We had decided to go fishing even though the weather was still a bit dicey.
We fueled up, took some lunch and a few extra passengers. By the time we left the dock it was apparent that the weather was really bad. I think it was blowing 20-25 kts and raining like hell. The sea was a mess, but who cares we were going fishing.
We found some great locations for poppers and started to fish. Between the boat rocking and rolling and the wind blowing, it was probably the most difficult session I have had. We only landed a couple of fish.
This is one of them, a beautiful sea bass.

Even the hardiest of seamen fell to a bout of motion sickness.
As I said, we did find some great spots but they will have to wait for better weather.

Tight lines
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fishing Frigates Passage in Fiji

We went fishing today on the new boat. Actually it was a diving and fishing expedition.
After the diving we went in search of some new places to fish. After all, we are going to be open for guiding business soon and it is all about knowing where to fish. We found some fish and had a ball catching them.
The images below are for you too get your fish fix. I know I am set for at least a day.

Tight Lines
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