Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yanuca sevusevu, Fiji

Ok so you are asking what the hell is a Yanuca (ya-new-tha) sevusevu (say-voo say-voo).
Yanuca is one of the islands I fish around and sevusevu is a gift of goodwill.
Here in Fiji all of the inshore reef systems are part of a village qoliqoli (ngoly ngoly). In other words it belongs to them.
So in order for me to fish on these reefs I need to go to each village where I want to fish and ask for permission, or perform a sevusevu.
This entails a bundle of yaqona and the Chief and/or the Turaga ni Koro, (village headman).
I present the yaqona to the Chief/headman and someone asks for permission for me to fish.
Some villages charge money and some do not. It all depends on the Chief.
It is a traditional custom and I have been doing it for over 10 years now.
It shows that you have respect for the Fijian customs.

Snap shot right after the ceremony.
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