Friday, May 8, 2009

Fijian Sea Bass

We had decided to go fishing even though the weather was still a bit dicey.
We fueled up, took some lunch and a few extra passengers. By the time we left the dock it was apparent that the weather was really bad. I think it was blowing 20-25 kts and raining like hell. The sea was a mess, but who cares we were going fishing.
We found some great locations for poppers and started to fish. Between the boat rocking and rolling and the wind blowing, it was probably the most difficult session I have had. We only landed a couple of fish.
This is one of them, a beautiful sea bass.

Even the hardiest of seamen fell to a bout of motion sickness.
As I said, we did find some great spots but they will have to wait for better weather.

Tight lines
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hector200 said...

Nice fish mi amigo.

koand said...

Niesamowite ryby , fotki robią wrażenie, pozdrawiam .

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