Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finally got my fishing mojo back

I have been in a fishing slump lately. I have been going out regularly but no really catching anything.
We planned to go to Rukua village on Beqa to do a sevusevu and if we had time then a little fishing after.
The Tui Rukua was a very nice chief and we drank lots of grog and talked plenty. We spent about 3 hours with him and when we left we were thoroughly grog doped. No matter we had time for a fish so off we went to try a few new spots.
The wind was howling at a good 20-25 knts so we had to stay inside the reef.
Almost immediately upon fishing Rosie was on to a massive cod. It gave a good accounting of itself but soon succumbed to the 50lb braid. As she decided to have a break I took up her rod and had a few casts.
After about 15 minutes of drifting along and inshore reef we came upon a nice sunken coral head all by itself. I fired several casts at it when suddenly the water exploded and a giant hole opened up where my lure was. My line went tight instantly and the scream of the drag was unmistakable. I was onto a nice GT, finally. It was a good fight that the GT never gave up even at the end. After a few pictures the GT was in the water never looking back.
This was the first GT in the boat and I am hoping the end of my fishing slump.
Five more fish were landed during the session by others on the boat but I was one happy skipper.

Doing my sevusevu to the chief of Rukua village

Tui Rukua and myself

One big cod

One big mouth

In the heat of battle

Finally a GT

Tight lines


mizlan said...

wow!Great catch! deram is to catch GT in the future..

T. Brook Smith said...

Great series of posts. It's great to see the knowledge and respect for local customs and it's great to see some awesoe fish and a good time had by all.

koand said...

świetny połów , super zdjęcia.

hector200 said...

Great report,awesoe fish.

saludos mi amigo

BassFishingDem said...

A slump really beats me down. Deep breathing can help sometimes. Hopefully you'll be on the fish from here on out.