Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fishing Report May 21,2009

Tried some new spots yesterday. The weather has shaped up for the time being. The boat did well but not I. For some reason I think I lost some of my mojo. Normally I do well fishing. I am not bragging here I just fish a lot and use my head to think like a fish, no matter how strange it gets. I have fished most of my life, so when I go on a streak of no fish it usually means something is wrong.
Now these last few trips I have had Captain Charles Wakeham with me and he does some of the driving and guiding. This could be my problem as I am jinxed when it comes to charters. Lately I have felt like I was on a charter boat with all the fishing I have been doing and Charles at the helm.
Although I did get smoked twice by GT's on 50lb braid. I felt like I brought a knife to a canon fight.
Oh well at least the rest on the boat are catching fish. Here are a few shots for you daily fish fix.

Sea Bass From XstreemFishingCom

Bluefin Trevally From XstreemFishingCom

Sea Bass From XstreemFishingCom

Casting From XstreemFishingCom
Tight lines


fishaholic11 said...

I've never been deep see fishing!!! What in the world is wrong with me. This looks awesome. Thanks for the comment and please come back to my blog sometime.

koand said...

rewelacyjne zdjęcia ,pozdrawiam :)

hector200 said...

Great report.