Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Monday at Sea

Another beautiful Monday for fishing as Rosie and I head out. Today will be a little jigging and bait fishing.
Fishing started off really slow. Nothing was biting. I could see fish on the sounder, but they had a case of lockjaw. 
Finally, after many drops with the jig, I hook up to a small Barracuda that Rosie immediately claims for her bait.
We try a few more spots and get zeroed. 

As we are moving from one spot to another I am taking in the scenery, enjoying the day, when all of a sudden Rosie screams. I look out the front, where I should have been looking all along, and what do I see, a Humpback whale right in front of the boat. A quick turn of the wheel and we avoid a collision with the giant. Of course by the time we get the camera out and ready the big guy disappears.
Truly amazing how 40 tons of mammal can vanish instantly.
As we carry on to our merry way we spot the big guy a ways out and Rosie gets the video rolling.

So we have not been catching much and Rosie says I can do a bit of jigging for Doggies. 
That means deeper water than she really likes to fish. 
So I'm jigging away and I notice it is taking a long time to hit the bottom. How deep are we? I ask.
Um it says 165 meters. 
Yikes, no wonder it was taking so long to get to the bottom. I decide to let it fall and give it a try anyways. 
My jig hits bottom and as I get my first crank of the reel  I'm on. Not big mind you, but I'm on. It is a long ways up from 165 mts and when I finally get the fish to the surface it is a Pakapaka, deep water A grade snapper. 
Rosie says wow should I drop and away she goes. 
She proceeded to fish until all of our bait was gone and tat accounted for 17 fish of about 5 species. All of them really good eating.

Leave the rod in the holder and you can switch hands reeling. 

A small Pakapaka.

A Long nose Emperor from 165mts, just about killed me.

Two at a time, not bad.

Another beauty of a Monday and we caught fish to boot.

Tight Lines


David McKenzie said...

the emperor is awesome. Looks like an incredible place to fish and live.

Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

I watched the video twice and didn't see the whale. I even used a magnifying glass the second time (it's hell getting old). Did I miss it?


Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

This time I saw the whale.


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Seeing a whale must be great!
And fishing in 165meters...

Here in Darwin, when we have 20 meters, we start to think that this is real deep...

Have a good day,

Fishin Fool said...

All of those fish are so cool looking! I long for the day I make it back to Fiji!