Thursday, August 16, 2012

How all Mondays should be.

Since I stopped working on Mondays, Rosie and I try to go fishing then. It does not always work out, sometimes life gets in the way of fishing.
But this Monday all the stars aligned and fishing we went. 
The weather was stellar. Flat seas and sunshine. 

To top that off the Spanish Mackerel are running and so are the Wahoo.
We set out with four trolling lines in the water. A mix of divers and pushers behind the boat. 

We caught nothing. Did I tell you I hate trolling, well I do.
We did manage to come across a pod of dolphins. 

Damn they can move. It was very cool to see them, but it also meant no fish.
We trolled for a while longer and then we had enough, time to go popping.
The current was ripping through some really nice bommies. Everything was literally perfect for GT's.
Unfortunately not a single bite, not even a look, not even a passing glance.
Once we casted ourselves silly to no avail it was time to switch gears. 
Lets try jigging!
It was only mildly more successful than trolling and popping. At least we landed a few and preserved our catch record.

It was a great day for us to be on the water and to top it off we caught dinner.
Sure beats working.

Tight Lines


Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

That's one of the cool things about ocean fishing. Orange fish.


David McKenzie said...


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

You bet that it sure beats working!
And that look like a yummy dinner too, well done.

Have a good day.

hector200 said...

Nice report mi amigo cool fish

un fuerte abrazo desde mexico.

Webmaster said...

Nice pics, enjoyed the fishing and the dinner i guess.

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T. Brook Smith said...

I grew up more than I wanted to the day some Belizeans I was fishing with clobbered a dolphin that was breaching beside the boat. Love the dolphins, even if they scare the fish away.