Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's a Blow-Up

The weather was not looking so good on this particular Sunday, so we decided to stay inside the reefs and do a bit of light tackle fishing.
Out comes the 6lb to 30lb gear. Now anytime you pull out this light of tackle in the ocean, your gear is bound to get smashed and busted. We were not let down. Lots of tackle was lost, but a lot of fish were landed too. 
The weather did not disappoint us either. It blew harder and harder as the day progressed. Good thing we stayed inside.

A rather ominous looking morning sky.

Wayne with the first of many on his little 6lb soft plastic grub set-up.

Rosie catching the toothy critters without a steel trace. (Barracuda)

Brendan with a little bluefin trevally.

Another toothy critter. (Gar fish or Long Tom)

This is a little better bluefin.

A baby grouper or coral trout.

Now we're talking dinner. Rosie with a green job fish caught on bait.

Two at a time. A long nose emperor and a grouper

Another good day on the water despite the weather. Come to think of it, as long as we get home safely, it is always a good day on the water.

Tight Lines


David McKenzie said...

Love it..looks like a lot of fun and variety on the reefs there. Beautiful trevally!

Fishin Fool said...

Six pound test in the ocean? Now that sounds like a riot!! That Long Tom is really cool!

Irene_J said...

Seems you guys had a lot of fun that Sunday. I also love going out on Oregon for fishing with few of my buddies, I don't know, just find it pleasurable. Oregon Fishing

Idalia Conn said...

Awesome day you guys had! That long nose emperor is an awesome catch! Catching more than 5 good ones in a day is definitely not bad. Depending on the fishing spot, and sometimes even on the season, even 2 catches would be pretty rare. Do you have any other fishing trips planned in the near future?

Idalia Conn

Fish Whisperer said...

@Idalia Conn, We go out as often as possible. In fact I have two more posts ready to go so stay tuned.
Tight Lines

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Marietta said...

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Cath Brookes said...

Fishing sounds like a lot of fun. I would want to try fishing soon.

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