Monday, April 2, 2012

In search of Doggies Take 4

Well here we go again. In search of the now infamous Dogtooth Tuna. We are going to try a different area this time.
First on the list is get some bait for those that do not want to jig.
There's the birds.
From Doggies take 4
Now to catch some bait.
From Doggies take 4
With bait in hand it is time to fish.
First up is Rosie with a nice Green Jobfish.
From Doggies take 4
I soon find a point that looks promising for Doggies and before long Wayne is right into one.
From Doggies take 4
Here is the video.

From Doggies take 4
So that makes 2 Dogtooth Tuna in four attempts. I think we are getting it.
Not to be out done Rosie manages to land a Black Tip reef shark without steel leader. Notice the circle hook from someone else. We removed it also before letting it go.
From Doggies take 4
We proceed to catch a menagerie of reef fish for the remainder of the afternoon.
Brendan with a small grouper.
From Doggies take 4
Wayne flexing his biceps for the camera with his big GIANT grouper.
From Doggies take 4
Rosie with a snapper
From Doggies take 4
and some strange devil snapper.
From Doggies take 4
Brendan with a Rusty Jobfish.
From Doggies take 4
Here is an artistic shot of the doggies eye for you all.
From Doggies take 4
Tight Lines


Dr. Frankinspain said...

Exciting stuff!

My favourite must be the grouper!

Good job with the black tip, shark numbers are down by 70%. We might not want to run into one while going for a swim but killing them off is not good for our oceans. We don't want to be stung by killer bees but as far as I know we don't go out of our way to kill them.

I just found out that here in Galicia, Spain there are boats that take people out to fish and kill blue sharks. Is a picture really that important. Why can't they just take the picture and release the things. There are no shark attacks here! We'll see if this doesn't change as boats bring them closer to the shore by baiting the waters.

Your doggies are a little better than our dogfish!

A trip with you and your gang must be high on anyone's list of things to do before we're gone.

Thanks. Frank

Shoreman said...

I saw , on the news this morning, there was a Typhoon in your area. You guys OK?


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Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Are you guys ok with the Cyclone Daphne?

Have a good day.

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Cara said...

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I love the pictures also!!!

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