Friday, March 23, 2012

Aquateko product review

I received an email the other day from a company called Aquateko. They have asked me to try out a couple of their products.
The first one is called InvisiSwivel. It is made of Fluorocarbon material.

Invisible fishing swivelsInvisible In Water
indestructablefishing swivel
Virtually Indestructible
fishing swivelsNeutrally Buoyant

non-metallic fishing swivelsNon-Metallic, Non-Corrosive
fishing swivels for braid or mono
Perfect for Braid To Flouro/Mono
mainteneance free fishing swivels
Maintenance Free

The second product is called Knot 2 Kinky wire. It is a nickle and titanium alloy wire that can be tied. So no more crimps.

From invisaswivel
stretchable metal fishing leadersStretches
fishing leader knotable metail alloy
fishing leader bite resistant
Kink/Bite Resistant
Non corroding fishing leader
Never Corrodes
fishing leader for toothy fish
Perfect for Toothy Fish
fishing leader Titanium alloy stronger
Stronger than Titanium Wire
fishing leader knotable metail alloy
Professional Grade

Once I receive the products I will post again and then I will put them through their paces and let you all know what I think.

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Shoreman said...

I saw, if not those, a similar swivel in the store once but never saw them again. I should have grabbed when I had a chance.


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

It will be interesting to read your comment about these two products.

About the Invisi Swivel because I wonder if they would be good to use when spinning with some chrome slices.

About the leader wire, as I often have trouble to find one that I like, when going jigging.

Have a good day.

DENICE said...

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Angela Lea said...

Nice post.
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