Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bait fishing with family and friends

I am sorry for my absence and lack of posting, but I have a good excuse.
Rosie and I spent 3 weeks in Japan with my mother. Although I had access to a computer and the internet I decided it all could wait until I returned.
Soooooo without further delay I will be posting our last trips out before we went on vacation and then catch up with our latest trip.

Before we left, Rosie's brother Jack came to visit for a couple of weeks. He had not been out fishing with us so we made plans to take him out. We also included Rosie's sister Lou and our business partner John for this day.
It was decided that we would be bait fishing mainly for food fish.
First one to land a fish was Lou. And boy did she lad a fish. No less than 3 fish on two hooks.

Just to prove it was not a fluke, Lou lands another right after the triple. Not too bad at all.

John decides he is not to be out done and lands a Devil fish.

Jack is up next with a Rusty Jobfish.

Lest we forget the Skipper.

John decides he wants a brown camouflaged fish also (grouper).

Jack with a nice Coral Grouper.

A triple hook up.

Lou with an unknown pretty little fish. Tastes good too.

John showing off our fishing club shirts.

Jack with a Green Jobfish.

Relaxing on the way home.

We had a great day out and caught a myriad of fish species.

Until next time
Tight Lines


Shoreman said...

Wondered what happened to you. Glad all was well. Keep them coming. Fun day fishing too.


Fishin Fool said...

Looks like a great outing! What is the name of the little yellow fish you are holding with the grouper? My wife caught one of those when we were down there.

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