Monday, March 19, 2012

In search of Doggies Take 3

Ding! Round three in the search for Dogtooth Tuna.
We have been very lucky with our weather during our weekend hunts. This one was no exception.
The tides were right and the weather was stellar.
Where there's birds there's fish.
From Doggies Take 3
The plan was basically the same. Get to the general area and then use the sounder to find the depth range and hopefully the Dogs.
As with all fishing down deep, you never know what you will come up with. Especially when you are fishing in the 70-100 meter depth range. It looked fishy and Rosie proved it was fishy with this lovely Brown Spotted Grouper.
Mean while Wayne and I are speed jigging like maniacs and not really catching anything but sore arms.
Soon after this beauty was caught Rosie decided she wanted to live bait with steel wire. Well the outcome of that can only go one way. A leviathan of the deep. A monster that no one wants to touch. A beast of nightmares.
OK enough here is the video. Warning this video does contain some language that might be offensive to some.
Now if you do not want to watch the video I shall paraphrase it for you.
The fight lasted more than an hour and pretty much whipped Rosie. Lucky for here she had new TufLine XP 50 lb indicator braid and a brand new Black Hole, Cape Cod jigging rod. I only got one shot of the shark, but there is underwater video footage in the above video.
From Doggies Take 3
We put this Silvertip shark at about 8ft and a hell of a lot of teeth.
Now that we are done with this shark it is time to get back to jigging for Doggies. Oh and by the way, during the fight Rosie swore off using steel leader and live baiting ever again. Until the next time of course.
Back to the jigging we proceeded to pull all kinds of fish. including the Lyre Tail Grouper.
From Doggies Take 3
A small Blue Trevally that was hooked in the back.
From Doggies Take 3
Now that Rosie was not using steel wire she was catching fish of a much more reasonable size.
From Doggies Take 3
Unfortunately the elusive Dogtooth was just that, elusive. Wayne lost every jig he had including one of mine. Of course we do not know what it was that was taking them, but that did not deter us.
Here is a shot of Wayne waiting for his jig to hit the bottom.
From Doggies Take 3
The day was winding down and Wayne wanted one more drop. I told Rosie to get the video rolling as I had a feeling of the out come. It would be the same as all of the other ones.

After all that excitement it was time to head home. We had a bout a 20 mile run and I hate driving at night.
One exhausted angler.
From Doggies Take 3
And a gorgeous sunset to finish off a good day.
From Doggies Take 3
Tight Lines


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Great post, I love your videos!
And imagine the joy and satisfaction once the Big Bad Doggies will be on the chew...

Have a good day.

Shoreman said...

Wire leader = big fish? Never worked for me. Rosie must have the touch.


Saw Kang Jong said...

awesome....... i would follow if nearby.

abbott said...

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