Friday, October 30, 2009

Seeing the future and catching fish.

The other day I received a link to a site that gives you the best fishing days according to moon phase and tidal predictions. It said Sunday the 25th of October would be no good for fishing. Being my only day off to fish I decided it did not matter I was still going out. Sometimes you have to buck the trends.
The wind is blowing like hell (25-30) and the tide is starting to fall.
With Captain Charlie at the wheel and Rosie at the stern and myself on the bow, we start the routine of casting and retrieving.
It is not long before I hook up to the first fish. It gives a good accounting of itself and soon is in the boat for it's picture.

From Oct 25 Serua reef
It is hard to tell but it was a pig of a Bass. Very fat and strong.
Soon after Rosie hooks up on a Bass also. A little smaller but a nice fish none the less.
Sorry no picture of that one, she declined.
She then followed the bass up with a nice Bluefin Trevally.

From Oct 25 Serua reef
I then proceeded to get rocked by another big Bass. Although I managed to get my lure back it won its freedom.
Things go quiet for a little bit then I hook up on something different. This time on top of the reef. I see the flash of white and then my line pulls tight. As the beast shoots through the water I am still wondering what it is. Then it exits it's water home to show off its aerial prowess. Low and behold it is a Greater Barracuda. A big one at that. After a spectacular display out of the water Rosie leaders it into the boat for a nice photo session.

From Oct 25 Serua reef
With a smile like this you better watch your fingers.
From Oct 25 Serua reef
All in all we did 4 for 5 in a two hour session.
Not bad for a day that was supposed to be bad for fishing.
I don't think I will be going back to that website.

Tight lines


Rogelio said...

congrats nice catch

Jose Valle said...

Los peces comen cuando ellos quieren...creo que es imposible acertar cuando sera su mejor momento.
Enhorabuena por las capturas.

Un saludo y buena pesca.

Wolfy said...

Nice catch - I love the fact that you don't seem to have to go out too far to get your fish - there is usually land in the background of your pics.

I'll be getting more and more jealous as it gets colder and snowier here!!


Anonymous said...

You folks always seem to impress me with your fishing tales and beautiful photo's. Someday my fish will come!

tbyrodney said...

Congratulation. Nice catch.

mizlan said...

woooo!!...that is great catch my friend! your pic with barracuda.Bravo!

jepp79 said...

congrat.. nice fish. have you tried jigging there?

shoobs said...

Good work, that bottom fish looks mean as!