Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A good day popper fishing after a long break.

Well, after a bit of a forced break from fishing we finally got out on the water. It was a beauty of a day, blowing like hell but still gorgeous. We got a bit of a late start but still made it on the water by 9 am.
I decided to fish a spot that we had not fished. Charlie was at the helm Rosie at the stern and myself up on the bow. With the wind blowing a good 20-25 knots the bow was a bit tricky but manageable.
With in 10 minutes I had the first fish on board. A nice Emperor. Standing on the bow you get a great view into the water. This Emperor was fighting 3 other fish for my lure and won. This was a sign of things to come.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Next fish on was a little Bluefin Trevally.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Now at this point Rosie is none to happy. She has yet to get a strike, but that is about to change. Suddenly the water around her lure explodes and she is onto a really nice fish. It is fighting like a GT but when it comes to the surface surprise surprise, it's a big pig of a Red Bass.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Now that Rosie is smiling she decides to turn up the heat and put some fish on in the boat.
She proceeds to catch about 8 more Bass while I catch a few also.
We are fishing around the low tide and concentrating on the drop-offs and coral heads.
Rosie decides to cast out into the deep and try her luck. She is rewarded, after a good clean fight, with a really nice GT.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
The action continues to stay hot and we are boating fish every couple of minutes.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Now here is a lesson about keeping your eyes on the prize.
I see what I think is a large turtle and cast my popper to the left of it by maybe 30 meters. As I look back to Charlie and Rosie and yell for them to see the turtle, Charlie yells back at me and my rod loads up and is almost pulled from my hands. By the time I compose my self maybe 50 meters of line is already gone and my line goes slack. I reel my popper back in and ask Charlie what the hell was that and he say he has no idea. He thought it was a turtle also until it toreout after my lure. Here is a picture of my lure when I got it back.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Notice the front split ring and hook are gone and the rear hook is opened up. We still do not know what it was.
Oh well back to fishing and Rosie catches a nice Job fish. For those that have never caught a Job fish, the fight a bit like a trevally, hard and dirty.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
This is follow by more Red Bass.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Then from out in the deep Rosie pulls a beauty of a GT.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
You can tell by the way she is holding it that fatigue is setting in on her. After so many fish she was getting tired, but not slowing down.
I want a break and am getting hungry so I give my rod to Charlie to have a bit of a fish. What happens next is what fishing dreams are made of.
Charlie hollers out that there is a big GT on his lure. As his rod loads up and 50 lb braid melts away he is hooting and yelling for joy. Then from behind me I her Rosie yell GT and then hear here drag start to scream in protest to the speed at which line is being taken. We have a double hook up on big GT's. Rosie makes her way to the front of the boat with Charlie and I start filming.
I will let the video tell the rest of the story.

From Rosie Charlie Callan Oct 4 Serua Reef
Not a bad morning. We finished fishing at around 1:30 pm and headed home.
Tight lines


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

FW: What a wonderful fishing trip, congrats to Rosie for fighting that big one while tired. I have had a great September and the weather really is getting bad quickly. I hope that Indian Summer comes and I can catch a few more.

T. Brook Smith said...

Awesome day.

Don't let the local negotiations get you down. Everyone pushes the envelope now and again, but reason tends to win out over greed when you take a firm line.

mizlan said...

Bravo..! very nice catch . The picture the fish with popper was most i like.wish someday i can fishing with you

Shoreman said...

Great day fo fishing. The GT reminds me of the Amber Jack we used to catch in Florida. You get a good one on and it will run you around a seawall for a long time. Congratulations Rosie. You seem to be the Fiji's Fisher queen.


Ben said...

That's a tremendous day. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy it!

Wolfy said...

There's NOTHING better than popper fishing for aggressive fish. Great report!


Jose Valle said...

Felicitaciones por las capturas y las buenas fotos, que bien os lo pasais.
un saludo desde España.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day of fishing. I enjoyed the video and congratulations to Rosie on a great fish. Particularly impressive at the last part with only a section of her rod. Thanks for sharing!

Fishing Guy said...

Awesome video, looks like those fish can really fight. Man it would be a dream of mine to fish on a boat like that, appreciate the video, keep up the sweet posts.

jepp79 said...

Nice catch.. really like the video. Really wish fight that kind of fish. cheers.
Sport Fisherman

vesna said...

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