Monday, October 19, 2009

Popping video, how to

Here is a short video on casting and popping technique. It is my first attempt and more will follow.


Wolfy said...

I like the Introductory Effort! Whenever I see a video with poppers I just expect the next second to show an ERUPTION as a big fish smashes the lure on the surface. What a perfect day to shoot the video, too - almost perfectly calm. Cool!


tbyrodney said...

Thanks for the video. It's very informative.

jepp79 said...

A very good video..i like it

Jose Valle said...

Buen video, seguro que en el proximo habra captura.
Un saludo.

mizlan said...

Damn!you are so good in popping!

Brutus said...

Wow....that looks nothing like what Donno was doing on his first popping attempt, so thanks very much for the informative video! Meanwhile...he is sitting at the kitchen table having a few problems with the new split ring tool. He may need another lesson!
See you next time we're in Pac Harbour and sorry about the nuts.
Sarah & Donno, Waidroka