Friday, March 20, 2009

Something in the works

I have been going over some ideas for a new branding for XstreemFishing.Com. After racking my brain I came up with some ideas. The reality is I needed some help with the design and graphics.
I decided to get help by way of Nick Hannan of Marine Graphics Ink . I liked his work and gave him a shout about my ideas. He said he could help me and I agreed.
Now you must be wondering why in the world would someone want to spend money on a blog that is free. Well you are right, why would you?
That's why I will be launching a new website with my old blog. This new website will be to promote my fishing guide business that will officially open in June. Fingers crossed.
I also have ideas for shirts, hats and other sundries.
As you have seen, my new boat will be the platform for this new venture plus a whole lot of new and latest gear.
If you have any graphic design needs check out Nick at Marine Graphics Ink.
You will see his handy work here soon enough, but so far I love what he has given me as a preliminary sketch.
Stay tuned for more.
Tight lines and screaming drags


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your new endeavors. Keep us posted on how things are coming along. Thanks for the link to Marine Graphics also. Happy hookups!

mizlan said...

all the best for you my friend!!

Basspastor said...

Good luck with the guide business, I hope it works out and you really enjoy it while making some good profits.

Steve Dobson said...

Well, one more dream trip to add to my list...
Best of luck with your guiding enterprise. I'd sure like to be a customer some day.


Billy Longo said...

Bula! When will you be launching the new boat???