Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since we went fishing. Luckily it is like riding a bike you never forget, especially after the first bite.
Rosie and I took out our little tinny for some exploratory fishing.
The morning was looking very promising, so we headed out to a reef nearby. Now when I say nearby I mean maybe 5 miles or so by water.
Just as we get to the reef the westerlies start blowing and the swell starts swelling and our little tinny starts bobbing around like a cork. That signals the end of deep water fishing so we find a little cut in the reef and end up fishing about a 200 meter stretch all day.
The area looked fishy enough and and it was not to rough.
We start our drift and start fishing. It was not more than two minutes when there is a huge splash on my popper. Line starts to peal away slowly and I can feel the weight of the fish. After what seems hours, but really seconds the fish realizes that it
is hooked and takes off. Now I am using 30lb braid and my drag is tight and line is melting away like I am in free spool. Almost at the same time Rosie has the same thing happen to her. Luckily for me her fish throws the hooks allowing her to start the motor and give chase. After a good five minutes the giant whatever (pretty sure a GT) finds his way to the coral and wins it's freedom.
After that start it was pretty much fish on or a really visual surface strikes with every pass.
We took a few home to eat and let a lot go to fight another day.
I had hoped these fishing grounds would prove to be good and so far I am very impressed. Considering the water depth was maybe 2 meters at the most and the biggest fish in the boat was 5kg, I am happy.
Here's a few photos of some of the fish, hope you enjoy.
A Long Nose Emperor
From Mar 18, 2009
Rosie with a nice Coral Trout
From Mar 18, 2009
A Bluefin Trevally
From Mar 18, 2009
Nice big Jack

Tight lines and screaming drags


Robyn said...

Well I only see one pic so far but will come back and see the rest, maybe be my computer doing something werid! I can't wait to show hubby your catch. IS this is in your new boat?

fishing guy said...

FW: I'm glad I stopped by, our weather is starting to change and the ice is off the water. It won't be long until I can also say "fish on" again. Those are some nice size catches.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the trevally went home to the pot! Katie is very jealous. We can't wait to get back...

hector200 said...

Nice fish mi amigo.


mizlan said...

woooo!!..nice catch my friend..

Stephen Baird said...

wow ... this is serious fishin' here. love the photos. thanks for droppin' by the blog. this is great stuff. beautiful.

Blogger said...

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