Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boat update

So here is the latest update on my boat situation. My new one is still being built but as you can see the built in ice chests and dry storage are in as well as the rod holders and speakers. The T-top supports are in and the top frame is almost completed. The rear engine pod is on it's way from Florida and the engine is already here waiting to be installed on the pod. Most of the electronics are here just waiting on the Garmin 4210 with a 2kw transducer (look out fish). I am hoping to see a little more progress this next week as I have been turning the screws to the builders.

Now this is my old 14ft alloy that has been motorless for more than a year. I just bought a Suzuki DT30 for it. This is the first running of it. The old fellow is a good friend of mine and is giving it a good once over. You know these new fan-dangled motors are fancy and all. We took it for a test run today and boy does it have a lot of power. I am planning on doing some fishing in the coming week so hopefully there will be some pictures to show.
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Robyn said...

That is cool! Seeing the progress on your boat!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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