Monday, January 3, 2011

The brutal bommies

We went fishing with our friends Yuki, Jose and Maki. The weather was good, but the bite was not really hot.
Yuki had expressed a desire to fish among some bommies. For those who do not know what a bommie is. A bommie is a shallow piece of reef with some being close together and some far apart.
Below you can see small reef structures just below the surface, these are bommies. The splash is a popper doing what poppers do, POP!
When casting to GTs among bommies you have to change the style of fighting. You have in effect, given the fish and advantage. There are sharp edges everywhere, just waiting to cut your braided line. The fight, once hooked up to a GT, will be brutal at best. You have to keep the GT from getting you around a bommie and that will not be easy. Pound for pound they are one of the hardest fighting fish in the world.
If Yuki wants to fish the bommies, then why not? After all it is really addicting even if it is a bit costly in terms of lost gear.
Yuki and Jose surveying a good spot to cast to.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Looking out over a school of bait with birds that has just moved off of a bommie. Very fishy but no luck to be had here.
Yuki popping amongst the bommies.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Yuki with a really nice coral trout. Just goes to show what you can catch on a bommie.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Here is a quick video of Yuki catching the coral trout and then Yuki being taught a lesson about bommies by a GT.

Yuki did go on to redeem himself, but I feel that the agony of defeat never left him.
Bommies are the realm of heavy tackle and high drags, big hooks and tough leaders.
A nice bluefin trevally.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
And finally a GT, not the behemoth that smoked him but a nice one.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Mr. Maki who has fished before but never for Giant Trevally was ready to go.
Rosie gave him a few instructions before showing him how to cast. On her first demo cast, she fires out a monster cast towards a bommie and as she pulls up the slack and gives the lure a pop, it gets smashed. She sets the hook before handing Mr. Maki the rod.
He puts up a good fight and soon enough we have a nice Job fish in the boat.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Mr. Maki then follows this up with a nice bluefin.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Then he proceeds to land another Job fish.
From Yuki, Jose and Maki
Unfortunately for Jose it was not to be.
We had a great day out and Yuki got to pop amongst the bommies.

Tight lines

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Excellent light on the pictures. Nice catches... Tight lines!!!