Saturday, December 25, 2010

Soft plastics with a bit of popper thrown in

Some times one just needs to try new things in order to break out of a mold.
Rosie and I have been popper fishing for quite awhile now. As you know we love it and do alright in the fish category. The problem is, a lot of the better eating fish are found a little deeper in the water column. Therefore one must try a new style of fishing to get down were the tasty fish live.
So the plan is set to do a bit of deep water soft plastic jigging. Now I have read heaps, watched loads of videos and talked to everyone I know who does this type of fishing. I did not want to fail at this.
We head out of the break water to a flat sea with high hopes and new ideas.
From Soft plastic jigging
The first few spots and drifts produce nothing. We do however encounter a pod of spinner dolphins mucking around. Unfortunately for you all we are we too engrossed in fishing to shoot any photos of them.
We then move to an area that has a lot of small reefs in the 20 to 30mt range.
Right away we find the fish and I work out the technique for catching them.
From Soft plastic jigging
A close up of this beautiful fish.
From Soft plastic jigging
Now that I have figured this out the fish start to come in with every drop of the jig.
From Soft plastic jigging
Now Charlie is getting in on the action.
From Soft plastic jigging
And then Rosie hooks up.
From Soft plastic jigging
Now young cousin Marky has figured it out and he starts to catch fish.
From Soft plastic jigging
From Soft plastic jigging
We continue to catch these cods and trouts for awhile. Then Rosie gets bored with all this jigging and she starts popping.
Tossing around her popper on 30lb gear while surrounded by coral reefs that just beg to break you off.
Of course she is going to hook up. And it is going to be a big fish that takes every trick we know to extract it from the depths.
From Soft plastic jigging
Once we have settled down after Rosies GT the wind starts to really kick. It is getting rough but we fish on.
Of course Rosie is still throwing a popper with her 30lb gear and wouldn't you know it she hooks up to a really big fish this time.
I jump behind the wheel and the chase/fight is on. At first she thought it was foul hooked by the way the fish was fighting, but it turns out it was just a big GT. After a prolonged battle due to fish size and weather conditions we finally boat a big, fat and pregnant GT. We move quickly to minimize out of water time and snap a few pictures. Then with great fanfare she swims away strong.
From Soft plastic jigging
It has now become so rough that we are having trouble standing in the boat without hanging on. That is the sure sign to head for home.
Ice chest full of great eating fish and Rosie with sore arms.
A success by any measure.

Tight lines


tbyrodney said...

glad to see that you are tying out a new technique. Can you show us a close up view of the SP popper?

Shoreman said...

I've been fishing for trout so long that I've forgotten what big lures you use on salt water fish. The jig in the mouth of the orange one is huge compared to, say a Wooly Bugger or Wiggle Tail. Wouldn't have any trouble tying one of those. Nice fish, especially the GT that Rosie caught.


Andres Orts said...

Nice post, congratulations and Mery Cristmas from spain

carbon copy pro said...

Great.. just great. Amazing photos! I wish fish here was that good. And congrats of course!