Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ding dong the cyclone is gone

Well it looks like cyclone Tomas has missed us. By the time it finished ravaging the North and East of the country it moved far enough East not to affect us. I am hoping to go fishing this weekend and have some fish pictures for you all. Thank you for all of your support.
From tomas
Fiji is in the middle of the image and Tomas cannot be seen. The cyclone to the left is Ului and it is threatening Queensland Australia. It destroyed the Solomon's as a Cat 5, the biggest there is.

Tight lines


Eso Fever said...

It was hig time for it to go!!!

Good luck this next weekend, Hope you can show as some of those huge GTs again.

Thigth lines.

Shoreman said...

Glad to have you back unharmed.


Anonymous said...

Callan - So glad to hear that the storm moved off your area and that all is apparently well.

Now go catch a fish!

Zach J said...

So when does cyclone season end for you?

T. Brook Smith said...

Man. We had a dead hurricane season in the Caribbean last year and judging by how COLD it is in March, we may not get much action this year either...

...but YOU GUYS...are getting WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

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