Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After the storm with Yuki

After way too much bad weather, tsunami warning one weekend, cyclone Tomas the next and then blowing at 30knots with driving rain, we finally got out for a fish. Not the greatest weather, but it was fishable none the less.
We went out with Yuki again and he brought two friends, Jose, who has been out with us and Hanochin, who has never fished before.
First order of business is to teach Hanochin how to fish.
From Yuki take two
Lucky he was a fast learner and was casting like a pro in no time.
Yuki is a seasoned pro so he just moved out to the bow and started casting away.
From Yuki take two
The same goes for Jose who is quite the angler. It is not long before he has a nice Bluefin in the boat.
From Yuki take two
The sea is a bit rough with an Easterly blowing and a Southerly swell. A bit lumpy to say the least.
Yuki has a few strikes but they are missed. He finally gets a solid strike and hook up. The fight is on but it is not acting like a GT. Soon the question is answered. A Bronze Whaler shark.
From Yuki take two
Needless to say this fish did not make it on board for a photo session. It was released in good shape if only for a sore nose.
From Yuki take two
The shark was followed by a massive strike that led to Yuki losing his popper and leader.
After a quick change of gear he finally hooked a GT.
From Yuki take two
The GT gave a good accounting of itself and was eventually boated in good shape. After the photo session it was released.
From Yuki take two
Unfortunately the bite time was rather short as we are upon the full moon and bad weather. Things slowed down from there and only a small Bluefin Trevally was landed in the last hour. That is not to say we did not have a few laughs with the giant sunglasses we keep on board.
From Yuki take two
Our time was short together but we had a good time and made the most of rather tough fishing. Yuki is a great guy to fish with and he knows what he is doing. That always makes things a bit easier.
I am sure we will fish together again.
Tight lines



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jepp79 said...

its nice to see all of you back in the action again

Wolfy said...

Good to see you out on the water again. I like the bluefin - nice looking fish.

I am a little surprised by the shark on a popper - do you get many sharks to hit poppers??


Zach J said...

I understand the frustration of bad weather. Those of us in Richmond have been dealing with it on a much lesser, but as frustrating scale for a week now. Glad it cleared up for you man. Hopefully we're next.

Esox Fever said...

Nice to see you back into the action. Popper fishing for sharks has to be an experience by the way.

Thight lines mate.

MIZLAN said...

wow!great catch...Fiji is fishing heaven!

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Good blog.

Rick said...

Love your blog header. Very funny.