Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yuki and friends fishing for GT's

Yuki, from the Japanese Embassy here in Fiji, has been coming into the shop for some time and always wanting to go fishing with me. This last Sunday was his day.
We meet at around 7:30 am for a full day fishing. After a few introductions to his friends Kazu and Jose we are off to fish.
I knew the tide would be right around mid day and the moon was not in the greatest phase so the morning would be spent hunting for GT's and then we would get into them a bit later.
Yuki is a seasoned pro at fishing. His gear was all top of the line and he could handle everything that was thrown at him.

From Yuki and friends
The water was crystal clear and the sea was calm.
From Yuki and friends
The first fish in the boat was a very green and very pissed Barracuda that no one wanted to handle.
From Yuki and friends
Next up was a Bluefin Trevally.
From Yuki and friends
Now it is Jose's turn to catch a fish. He was using his own gear and landed a little Bluefin also.
From Yuki and friends
By now the tide is coming right and we have found a few bommies that looked promising. On one of Yuki's first casts out he is taken for a ride and left holding a stripped lure. It was a massive GT that did not want to be caught.
From Yuki and friends
Yuki then got onto a nice GT who did not give him as much trouble.
From Yuki and friends
Next we had a double hook up with Yuki battling a cracker of a fish and Kazu having his own war.
From Yuki and friends
Kazu's fish was being attacked by a shark and by the time we got it to the boat the damage was done.
From Yuki and friends
After the bite slowed we changed locations. Looking for any stragglers that might be lurking about. Eventually we found another and this one gave Yuki a real hard fight. He prevailed in the end and got his picture taken one more time.
From Yuki and friends
We had a great time with these guys and got onto some nice fish. Yuki is a top notch angler and Jose and Kazu are definitely up and coming.

I have a feeling we shall fish together again. Until then,
Tight lines and screaming drags


Wolfy said...

Great post and great pictures, as usual. Looks like it was a terrific day for everyone - nice GT's!!


Shoreman said...

Nice bit of International friendship fishing. Maybe you should get some safety lines installed so you don't lose one of those guys. LOL.


MIZLAN said...

wow!that was great fishing all that pictures...someday i will fishing with you

Mel said...

Once again, your fishing posts leave me envious and very pleased that you are able to share them and the great pictures with all your blogging friends. Great job, guys!

Jorge Lopes said...

Outstanding!!! That´s fishing, sure that your arms need a massage.

v3 said...

nice place.. good posting

tbyrodney said...

that was superb..... wish to be able to fish with you oneday. Just wondering, do you do any jigging there?

Esox Fever said...

Amazing fishes, It has to be an unique experience to fight one of those big GTs.

Congrtulatios for your blog and your captures.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!!
If you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina

Anonymous said...