Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playing tour guide and tourist with visiting family

My brother Arick and his wife Stephanie came to visit us here in Fiji. Of course we wanted to get them out on the water for a fish. Unfortunately the weather gods were not very cooperative.
We did manage to get in some quality beach time.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie

As well as a river kayaking trip with Rivers Fiji that involved a kava ceremony with a village headman
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
and then a few hours on the river.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
We also managed to do Zip Fiji. A series of cables strung through the jungle that you get to zip around on. Great fun.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
We did get out to do a bit of fishing. I have to say the odds were stacked against us. With four cyclones that developed inside of two weeks within the region, we had massive swell, wind and unpredictable weather. We still managed some fish and of course we all had a great time.
First fish in the boat was a Longtom or the Fijian name is Saku.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
Next up was Arick and here he is showing us how it is done on a Bass, Fijian name, Bati.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
Then Stephanie decides she wants to have a go with the 50lb rod, and of course you know what happened. First cast, first pop, a fish on and landed. A nice Emperor to boot. Fijian name, Dakunivudi.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie
Then it is Rosie's turn to show us all how it is done.
From fishing with Arick and Stephanie

We had a very good time with Arick and Stephanie and I think they had a good time with us. We hope they decide to come back again. Hopefully the fishing will be better.
Tight lines


Marco said...

Nice fishing and pictures. Hope your family had fun on their visit!! I wanted to ask you... What is normally the depth of waters when you practice popping?

Best regards

Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. How'd you do it? Get your Brother out fishing. I've tried to get mine out, but I've only been able to get him up to NorCal once in the last 12 years and had to, almost, blackmail him into it. You look like you had a great time. You've got all those good adventures right there, where I had to go to Mexico for some of them. That's why you live in Paradise.


Ben said...

What the hell, that first fish looks like one of those things from the movie tremors. Yikes!

Nice pics, looks like it was a good time!

Jeff Douglas said...

Wow! Nice fishing trip.

hector200 said...

great report mi amigo the best of old family time, beautiful fish.

saludos desde Mexico.

MIZLAN said...

wow! great time with family and superb catch!

Anonymous said...

I'm back on the blog commenting trail after being down with a good case of the flu.

Always great to show the family around what you do for a living. Looks like they had some serious fun. I don't know about riding the rails through the jungle, though.

jepp79 said...

Great family time. It's cool

Esox Fever said...

Awsome fishes, but that GT...

I have to feel one day one of those bulls in my rod.

Great report.

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Awesome you did a terrific job. Good Luck and keep going !

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TheTravelAngel said...

Have enjoyed zip lines and that's one of the best thing to do for a vacation. A little adventure would be fine for me. Fishing a good thing too. Big catch you have it there.


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business101 said...

Loved riding with banana boats and zip line as well.. those were big catch.... Life's always great when you get to enjoy all those things...

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