Thursday, December 17, 2009

We survived Cyclone Mick

Well we survived cyclone Mick. The power just came back on last night. Kudos to the Fiji Electric Authority for wanting to make money. There is a little trickle of water. Enough that I do not have to bath with swimming pool water. No real damage to the house or our lives. But I will say Mother Natures way of trimming the yard is a little brutal. Not what I would have done, but with a little chainsaw work and a lot of raking we'll have it right.
My boat faired much better than the yard. I moved it up the river and into the mangroves where she spent the night calm and quiet.
Here is a couple more images of the storm and when I get Rosie's video together I will post that.

From cyclone mick
This is just before it really got strong for us and also the last image I was able to get until it passed.

From cyclone mick
This is the last of it as it left us.

The storm lasted 9 hours before we got to the eye. Then a 2 hour break and the wind picked up again. Lucky for us the back side was not as strong and only lasted another 2 hours.
The town of Navua is 10km from us, and it was completely flooded. The flood reached almost 6 km from the river. 4 people lost their lives and most farmers lost their livelihood.
That was the first for the season and there is a total of 8 predicted for this season.
The fun is just beginning.
Thank you all for you kind words and thoughts. It is always nice to know people are supporting you in you life struggles.

Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Glad you guys are OK. I guess the tight lines to the palm tree did the trick.


Ben said...

Glad to hear everyone is alright, and good work on putting the boat in a safe place!

BulaBob said...
Merry Xmas, copy n' paste the above...

My gift this season is to know Mr. and Mrs. Whisperer and all the rest of my Hidden Paradise Ohana are all good to go. Expect to see "We survived Mick" bumper sticker on your truck along with the usual "Have you flogged your crew yet today" sticker on the stern of your boat. And on the bright side without naming the source, in your old age Cal you can always brag about the blow job of 2009.

Happy HolidaZe tavale, tight everything

Rogelio said...

I'm glad you're okay. be afraid. a greeting from Spain and fishing soon

Anonymous said...

Even though we are far apart, I did have you guys in my thoughts. Great job taking care of the boat. Is this a typical season for hurricanes or .......? Not sure what to make of it.

Blogger said...

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