Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Giant trevally with Russell

I finally got back out on the water. It has been a month since I have been fishing. This of course is due to weather and a short vacation, that did not involve fishing but did involve a lot of eating and drinking. That's another story.
Rosie was under the weather so it was myself, my mom and a good friend Russell for the day.

First up was Russell with a really nice Sea Bass
From fishing with Russell
Next on the menu was a GT for my good friend
From fishing with Russell
Ok, that is enough for him, now it is my turn.
From fishing with Russell
Now that I am happy I turn the show back over to Russell for a final Bass
Here is some video porn for you fishing maniacs.

The weather in general was beautiful, bright sun and warm. Unfortunately it was bowing 20+knots and the water was a bit cloudy.
We had a few drops and a couple other bites but all in all a good day.
Tight line


MIZLAN said...

wow!...that was great fight! love to watch that video

hector200 said...

Great report my friend, nice fish.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back out on the water, and, thanks for the video of a heck of a battle with that fish.

Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Enjoyed the fight. Mel said it all. Glad you're back.


Wolfy said...

Nice fish - is the last one shown a Cubera Snapper?


Charles R. Craumer said...

amazing fish, especially on top... boy do i miss fiji. where are you based out of?