Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fishing in Fiji with Josh, Ryan and Jimmy on August 24th

Lucky for us this trip was planned and executed with no surprises. Josh, Ryan, and Jimmy had come into the shop and wanted to go fishing. They said for me to pick the day with the best weather. Which is always iffy at best.
I decided Monday the 24th was the day and spent Sunday getting ready.
We met at the boat at 7:30 am and were on the water in no time. I had a game plan all worked out and was feeling pretty confident. All of that was about to change.
As we headed out to the first spot the weather started to decline rapidly. The sky turned dark and the wind picked up. On top of that not even a bite. By the second spot I was sure it was going to rain and still no bites.

I worked the grounds hard for these guys but to no avail.
Luckily it never rained on us but the bite was not happening. We decided to try spot number three. We even trolled on our way over to it and didn't get a bite.
Before we got to the third spot the weather cleared and the wind died. It was going to be a nice day after all.

We arrive to the third location and it looked fishy enough as it always does. By now the guys are using a lot lighter tackle. After what seemed like an eternity, Josh catches a small Coral Trout. He follows that up with a fish I have yet to ID. If you know what it is let me know.

Then he adds a nice Job fish and a small Trevally.
Things slow down again and it is time to move on to what I am hoping will be a fishy spot at the bottom of the tide.

About three casts into this spot Josh is on again, only this is a little better fish. It turns out to be a Bluefin Trevally.

From JoshRyanJimmyAugust24
Picture time and then a quick release.
From JoshRyanJimmyAugust24
Now by this time Ryan has not boated a fish.
His determination is only matched by his level of fitness in his ability to cast the whole day.
Jimmy is not on the board either. Although he is nursing a really bad motor cross injury. So casting is only done occasionally.
Josh then catches a nice GT, while Jimmy jumps in for the leader and tail grab.

From JoshRyanJimmyAugust24
Now it is Ryan's turn. He gets into a nice Emperor. This is followed by a Black Trevally that gives a good accounting of it's self. And I might add he deserved it. He never gave up and it paid.

What started out as a dark and gloomy morning with no fish turned out to be a nice day with a few nice fish and a great bunch of guys.

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Wolfy said...

Every time I read one of your posts, Fiji moves up a few notches on my "Short List of places I Need to Fish". Can I get there from Bangkok or Hong Kong?


swese44 said...

Those are some really amazing shots, I hope I have money to get out there some day. You guys should list your business at FellowFishermen.com, it's free and you can show off your catches and meet other fishermen.

T and S said...

WOW, this should be a thrilling experience. Beautiful images.

Steve Dobson said...

Great video. If that's a slow day I can only imagine...


Adrian at Matava said...

Hi Mate,
That fish is a Smalltooth jobfish (Aphareus furca)
Best regards,

Alan chan said...

Really nice blog you have there!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

FW: What a fun trip, just goes to show that even in paridise you have to work for your fish.

thegentsclub said...

if that was a slack day i can only imagine if it were one of your good days