Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gavin,Steve,Lindsey and Peter Aug. 21st Fiji fishing

With our shop open six days a week and all the other things that keep life interesting, we have not been out fishing a lot lately. Somehow we just can't find enough hours in the day to get everything done. The saying feast or famine truly applies to our situation.
So again Rosie and I are sitting in the shop working on some display when a group of guys that are visiting from Australia and doing some work for the schools and hospital come in. The first The first thing they say is, "Do you wanna go fishing?" Now haw can anyone turn that down. Of course we wanna go fishing. I ask in my most professional tone, "When would you like to go?" To which they reply, in unison I might add, "Now!" I swallow hard and say give us a few minutes to go and get the gear ready and we will come back to the shop to get you.
So off we go. It is around noon and the weather looks threatening but all of our spirits are high.
We arrive to our first spot and some quick instructions are given. Then the lures are flying. Not long after our start, Gavin is onto a nice fish. A good solid fight and Rosie give it a lift into the boat.

From gavinlindseystevepeteraug21
This is Gavin's first Red Bass, and after a few picture and some video it is back into the water and back to fishing.
Lindsey was using the 30lb rod and after a while of no bites, decided he had enough for now and would become the videographer for the gang.

From gavinlindseystevepeteraug21
He willingly turned his rod over to Peter. Peter then started casting like there was no tomorrow. Before long he was onto a nice fish. After a good fight and a little coach from Rosie, a Job Fish, first for our boat, was brought on board for it picture taking session.

From gavinlindseystevepeteraug21
Now there was one fellow who at this point was still not on the board, Steve. He was up front with a 50lb rig and doing everything right. He could cast a bloody mile, and his retrieves were perfect. For some reason the fish had lock jaw when it came to his lure. I have to say he persevered for the entire trip. Never faltering and never giving up. He must have had a million casts. I would give him a location and he would cast there, nothing. I would say cast out at 2 o'clock, he would and nothing, not even a bite. Then towards the end of our session with the tide ripping, he cast to a small coral head and had the mother of all strikes. The sound was massive and a hole opened up all around where his lure was. But alas it was not to be. The GT missed the lure and left Steve with the knowledge of what is out there.

From gavinlindseystevepeteraug21
Steve in action with one of many casts.

All in all we had a great time out. These guys were a pleasure to spend the afternoon with and I hope they come and fish with us again.

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Shoreman said...

Glad to see you're not one of those "all work, no play" kind of guys. Glad the shop is doing good.

Mark (Shoreman)

hector200 said...

excelente mi estimado como siempre un abrazo y un saludo.

jepp79 said...

A best of luck for the opening of your tackle shop. Nice place and nice catch too.

Gold Coast Hotels said...

Nice catch.....good for sushi...i know of a place that has good catch of fish like yours...well it is a fish sanctuary. good luck on your shop...and keep blogging your site...