Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fishing report for first week of June

Our last two trips out have been quite good. We have added a few new species to the capture list and the weather has been holding steady.

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We did a bit of trolling on the first day. After all it is Wahoo season and they do taste good.
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Now, with a Wahoo on board it was time to try for something else. Out come the skirts and here comes the Mahimahi.
From XstreemFishingCom
For those of you who have never caught a Mahimahi before let me tell you. They give a good fight, especially on light tackle but the kicker is when you bring them in the boat, they go mad. They are actually very dangerous, especially with hooks in their mouths. The best thing to do is put a wet towel over their eyes and they will calm down enough for you to hog tie them. If you miss with the towel look out, they are going to go ballistic. The upside to all of this is they taste great.
The next trip out saw us poppering the reef with 30lb and 50lb spinning gear. This time my good friend Captain Charles Wakeham took the wheel so I could also fish.
First up is a nice little Queen fish.
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That is followed closely by a Red Sea Bass. Normally considered a by-catch when fishing for GT's, but they do put up a good fight on lighter gear.
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As always when fishing around reefs you can expect sharks. Usually Black tip and White tip sharks are the first to turn up. Here is a nice Black tip caught on a popper.
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Going home without a GT under our belt just wont due. So here is a nice one I caught on 30lb.
From XstreemFishingCom
Here is a video of some of the fight with the GT.

Tight lines and Screaming drags


Ben said...

Wow, looks like things are really picking up! It's incredible the number of species you're catching. That must be half the fun, not knowing what's on the other end of the line.

I've only fished from a boat in the ocean once, and we caught a bunch of mahi mahi. I remember they were incredible fried in butter with lemon pepper seasoning.

hector200 said...

Mi Amigo congrats on that incredible catch. the shark fishing on popper WOW.
next jul i am going to the sea of Cortes for some fishing, marlin, sailfish,yellow tail,Dolphin (mahi mahi), BIG yellowfin tuna, and RR vacation wit the family.

Tight lines mi Amigo