Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fiji Fishing report for second week of June

When we got up this morning it was cloudy and drizzling, but there was no wind. So after much arse dragging we decided to go and have a fish. By now it is after 10:00 AM.
By 11:00 we are on the water cruising to a spot just a few miles away.
Things start out a bit slow. The tide has already turned and we have while until it is low. Still we fish on.
We were fishing inside the reef. Hitting all the little nooks and crannies. When all of a sudden Paul hooks up to a good size Barracuda. With plenty of jumps and a couple good runs it is brought to the boat for it's obligatory photo session.
From XstreemFishingCom
On a strange note, it seems lately that our first fish is always a Barracuda, don't know why but it has happened now about 10-12 times.
That lovely toothy critter was followed up by a Sea Bass
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Next on the menu is a bluefin.
From XstreemFishingCom
Then we get a triple hook-up of Bass and all three end up in the boat. Not bad if I say so myself.
From XstreemFishingCom
By this time the tide is full out and we spot a couple of schools of bait being busted up right next to the reef. This means all three poppers head in that direction.
Then suddenly a finned torpedo launches out of the water and lands mouth first on my lure. As the line goes tight I figure it to be a Wahoo or Spanish Mackerel. After a respectable fight on 30lb Rosie puts the gaff in a nice Spanish Mack.
From XstreemFishingCom
Not long after that Paul lands a nice Bluefin Trevally.
From XstreemFishingCom
Soon after the bite stops and it is time to head home. Not a bad day for a last minute fishing trip.
Tight lines


hector200 said...

great report mi amigo, congrats on the fish.

mizlan said...

Great catch my friend!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

FW: Those are monsters of the deep.