Thursday, April 30, 2009

Untouched in the water

Well after much delay and very little fan fare Untouched is finally in the water.

Our test run was a combination break-in and find any problems with navigation/sounder. Also listening for rattle and flaps and squeeks.
Very happy to report everything checked out.

Ok so I did not hide my excitement at being behind the wheel.
She is a real beauty. Handled like a dream and was just sipping fuel at trolling speed.
Very stable and fast.

Not long now and we will be operating our guided sport fishing.

Tight lines
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Anonymous said...

hey callinco,just letting you know imm still with you.i am at the lbrary and my session is about to run out.i need an email for you and i dont know if i shoul leave mine here or not. ihave a new phone as well.sorry to be out of touch but i have been the boat and i have alot to tell love michael

Fish Whisperer said...

Mike leave your email here and I will erase it right away.
george vasiveras

mizlan said...

Wooo...she so beautiful !!!...two thumb up !!

hector200 said...

Nice boat mi amigo.

un abrazo

Steve Dobson said...

Awesome. Good on you.