Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boat Update

It's almost ready to be launched. I know I have been saying that for a long time but I think it is close now.
On Monday the decals get put on and I think the cushions and top will be ready also.
It is a 28ft center console with an aluminium pod on the stern. The top is designed by me and custom built, as no one in Fiji has ever built one like this. The bow rail is also custom to allow fishing up front in rough seas.
Here are a few things I had done, 300lt fuel tank, 100lt fresh water with pump and hose, salt water wash down, built in ice chests, Garmin 4010 plotter/fish finder, 2kw transducer, there will be a radio box hanging from the t-topwith stereo and VHF. Spot lights around the top and lighting under the gunnel. Padded gunnel around the rear for fighting fish in comfort. Toilet in the console for those that are shy. 8 rod holders on the rocket laungher and another 8 on the gunnels. And much more but that is for another post. Next week pictures of the boat with logo and hopefully in the water. Yahoo!!!!

Tight lines
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Adrian at Matava said...

Hey mate, she is looking good !
Bet you are just dying to slip her and blast out of town...
Like the custom bow rail. Well designed excellent popper casting platform.

mizlan said...

woo!!...nice boat...hope someday i can go fishing with you

Anonymous said...

"The top is designed by me and custom built, as no one in Fiji has ever built one like this."
Sorry mate but that's not quite right. Integrated Welding Industries have been doing these for years in both aluminium and stainless steel. Pop along to PBS in Lami and you'll see one there that we have just completed in aluminium.

Fish Whisperer said...

Well, since I have had a boat built by IWI and was not very impressed with the quality or the function, in fact the welded floor leaked so bad that we had to drill holes in the floor it to pump the water out of the "sealed compartments". If you say so then I will not argue with you. But that being said , not many people in the boat building industry in Fiji know that you are building T-tops as no one I asked ever mentioned IWI. Maybe you could direct me to a website were I can check out your work. Mainly because I would not recommend the people who built mine and I do get asked from time to time.