Sunday, June 1, 2008

Unforgiving weather gods

Well after 10 days of rain and 8 days of 30+ knot wind we finally caught a break in the weather. It is 7:00 am, a bit overcast the tide is falling, and Rosie and I are ready to fish.

Within 20 minutes I have the first fish is in the boat, a little Barracuda not worthy of a photo, but a fish none the less. A few minutes later Rosie is onto a little Emperor but again not worthy of the camera.

The weather looks promising as the early morning breeze starts to subside and the sun is peaking out. Both of us are starting to warm up, after all this is the beginning of winter and the nights can get to a chilly 21c, and the boat is full of optimism.

As we near the hour of low tide I take a nice strike that cuts my line way above the double. Luckily my poppers float and it is quickly retrieved. While I am retying my double Rosie boats a nice little Trevally, again too small for the camera. We are both holding out to take pictures of the big ones.

A few casts later and I land a nice little Barracuda, note the use of the word little again. Then the weather gods decide we have fished enough. The wind starts to kick up and the sky turns dark, threatening to rain. As the bay starts to white cap we turn tails and head for home. At least we got to fish for a little while after nothing for 2 weeks.

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