Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bottom bouncing with Adam and friends

We took Adam and his mates out for a troll and bottom bouncing session. Unfortunately the trolling was not on that day, but the bottom bouncing was.
The guys managed to land some nice fish and quite an assortment.

Adam and a Green Jobfish

Peter hooked up.

Another nice Jobfish

Adam in the throngs and Rosie on the net.

Sundry of little nibbler reef fish.

Double Lined Mackerel

Lyre tail

Small Emperor

Cook it first Peter.

Nice Grouper and a Remora

Beauty of a day.

Really nice Grouper.

A great day on the water. We had a lot of fin and caught some fish too.
Until next time.
Tight Lines


Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Good to see you out and about. A good day for the guys.

Ben said...

Awesome, nice job! It's getting colder here, so keep those pics of sunshine and fish coming.

Bruce Edward Litton said...

The red fish caught my eye, reminded me of a pure yellow fish I caught Keys reef. Amazing variety of great fish. It's cold up here in New Jersey. We're thinking of ice fishing.

asor said...

Its very hard to catch a fish like that , I'm so impress . More fishes to come
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Zaritah Pierre said...

wow. that was an amazing catch. i like it

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Luis Dance said...

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Jeff said...

Great catch guys. I was wondering what rod you used back there?

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David More said...

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David More said...

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Bryan Ureta said...

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David More said...

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David More said...

You caught a rare fish? this is my first time to see that

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bryan ureta said...

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