Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First jigging session of 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was on vacation for November then there was December, which is always a bit crazy, cyclones and xmas and all that stuff. So now we are into January and I am back at it.
Our first fishing trip of the year was slated as a jigging trip. We all had been eating too much beef and pork and were craving some fish. 
So a hunting we shall go.
The weather looked a bit ominous in the morning, but the rarely deters us.
Our crew for today is Rosie, of course, Brendan, Wayne, John and yours truly.
Our objective is food fish by means of jigging.
With out further ado, let the fishing begin.

Rosie up first with a nice steamable grouper.

Brendan with a grouper on soft plastic.

Wayne with a grouper on a home made jig.

Lyre tail grouper.

I think he needs to go into the first aid box to cool off.

Action shot of Wayne connected to a monster.

This fight lasted a good 10 minutes.

We have color.

It turns out to be a nice little Dogtooth Tuna caught on light tackle

A nice Grouper.

Of course I must get in on the action.

Me fighting the bottom.

Another Lyre tail.

That damn home made jig again.

Rosie had to take her own picture.

We caught a lot of different kinds of groupers.

John having a rest from all this reeling up and dropping down.

Too hot today.

There is a story with this fish. Rosie catches a little fish about the size of your hand. Then she decides to live bait it. So back down it goes. She then catches a larger fish with the small on, but it is not quite big enough. Back down it goes. With in a couple of minutes she is hooked up to this big fella and ends our session on a high note.

Keep you hand out of it's mouth.

We had a great day out and the weather cleared up. Best of all I had fish for dinner, YUMMMMM!

Tight Lines


Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Hey Callan. Good to see you back in print. Great day, but as usual Rosie shows you guys up. Her last Grouper would make some mighty nice fillets.

John said...

Quite the variety for one day on one spot.

Ricks Reel Adventures said...

Bula Fiji! I always like reading your posts and seeing the different colorful fish you bring up from the bottom.

Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

What a nice bag of fish!!!
Coral trout are on my fishing bucket list.
I would love to catch one, there is some around here, but I am yet to get mine.

Well done guys, and Rosie of course!

Have a good day.