Monday, June 11, 2012

Storm Island

I am a little behind again in my posting and I apologize for that.
A while back, Brendan, who you all have met, asked if I would shuttle his crew to an island to shoot a commercial. Of course I would and since I'd have a few hours to kill I would take a fishing rod to kill time.
On the appointed morning we left the jetty with ok weather that looked like it might turn ugly. Never mind, we had an entire camera crew and talent on board and needed to get the shots. As luck would have it, when we dropped them off at the island the weather turned glorious for them. 
With those guys happily on the island doing their video thing we were free to do some fishing.

This is the island we dropped them on.

First drop with a soft plastic and a nice GT.

Rosie with a nice grouper caught with a Lucanus jig.

Paul with a Leather Jacket or Unicorn fish.

Soft plastics are working well. A nice grouper.

Another grouper.

They are coming fast now.

Two for one.

A Lyre tail on soft plastic.

By 1 o'clock the weather that was threatening in the morning decided to make an appearance. We loaded the crew on the boat and raced back to shore. We arrived just in time before the rain came. 
I told Brendan that we would take them anytime as the fishing was good while they worked.
He was jealous to say the least.

Tight Lines


Shoreman said...

Paradise any way you look at it. The picture of Paul and the Unicorn fish reminds me of the first small trout of the year.


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

The small Island looks like the place where I would like to live!
And with fishing like that not far from it, it is even more attractive.

Have a good day.

dawn massendra said...

Hi Mate waw thats awesome catch ..
if had time please visit my blogs :

Fishin Fool said...

Great looking fish! I bet the snapper and grouper were good eating.

Carp Fishing said...

Tight Lines'
The scenarios are like Heavenly abode.
The colorful Fishes and their varities are alluring me to Jump on them.
However, one of your quote"I'd have a few hours to kill I would take a fishingrod to kill time" echos the sounds of my heart.
In fine Thanks a lot for these nice Pictorialpost and hope you will keep posting.

Angelica said...
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