Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing day or better yet Fishing day

'Twas the day after Christmas and in all of the sea, not a ripple was seen, not even a swell. The sky was blue and the tides were right, we had no excuses, it was time for a fish fight.
We loaded the boat with rods and reels, nothing was left but to take hold the wheel.
Off we went like a bat out of hell, the fish were hungry we could tell.
From Boxing day 2011
Ok enough Xmas rhymes, time for some fishing porn.
First thing you will notice is there are no pictures of me. My back is still messed up and I tried to cast a stick bait but the pain was a little to much for this old fisherman. So with that being said, this is the view the Captain sees most of the day.
From Boxing day 2011
Yep, that's it, other people fishing and the sounder/GPS.
In case you are wondering, the round object on the left is a green coconut. (Just one of the many benefits of living in the tropics). It has been husked and put on ice so that the Captain has something refreshing to drink and stays happy even though he can't fish. The yellow water tight Pelican case holds the phones and ID's. The bulging at the top of the image is a life jacket pocket that is held up with a bungee cord, easy access.
Ok now you see what I did all day let's get into some fish.
First up was a very unlucky Barracuda. I say unlucky because here in Fiji we eat them and they taste great. So you know it went to the ice box first aid station.
From Boxing day 2011
The next patient for the first aid station was a lovely Bluefin Trevally.
From Boxing day 2011
Things got a bit quiet after the Bluefin, so off we went to a spot that has almost never let us down. The current was ripping around some bommies and there was a little bit of chop on the surface. Perfect for a GT to be hanging out in the eddies waiting for unsuspecting prey.
Rosie fished like a machine, she was unrelenting in her casts. As she scanned the surface of the water, pinpointing the next cast to a position that should hold fish.
Finally after a good long, hard slog, she was rewarded. The strike was hard and fast. The predator was dark in color and came from nowhere. It crashed the popper with an almighty splash. Once the hooks were set the fight was on. Line melted from the Stella as if there was no drag. Of course the drag was preset to 8kg or 17+lbs. Once the fish was off the bommie it was time to bring it home.
From Boxing day 2011
It was Rosies first Black GT. Short, fat, shaped like a barrel. Tough as nails and refused to smile for the camera. I swear he gave us the fin when we let him go.
Next up was the smaller cousin of grumpy. Yet he still put up a good fight. There was no coming in easy with this one either.
From Boxing day 2011
Now you would think that by now Rosie had had enough. Oh no, not even close. So what does she do? Adds one more to the list and just to be different, this one is small and full of piss and vinegar. It puts up a hell of a fight and even when it was in the boat it still fought and struggled. In fact we almost did not get a photo as the small GT tried to make a flying leap out of Rosie's arms into the water. Alas I was quick with the camera and here is the photo to prove it.
From Boxing day 2011
The hour was getting late and we called it a day. Rosie of course a little worse for wear.

Tight Lines


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

The first few sentence read like a poem, it beautiful.
Then came the fishes, and it was even better!

Sorry to hear about your back, hopefully you'll get better soon.

Here too we sometimes put a fresh coconut in the freezer, and yes they are delicious.

I had never seen a GT that dark, is that common?

Congratulation on Rosie for catching you a feed while you just enjoy the view...

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Not so good news that your back is still holding up your fishing, but, great post of you and Rosie's adventures. Those are some great looking fish. I might add, also, that the camera work was stellar!

David McKenzie said...

Awesome! Those fish are so clean and healthy. Your very fortunate to have that fishery in your back yard.

Shoreman said...

When we first moved to Florida dn I picked up a coconut off the beach, cracked it and drank the milk, I tought it was so cool and the milk was warm.
That Rosie is a fishing dynamo. Can't hold her back.


Fishin Fool said...

I always love reading about your Fijian adventures! I hope to make it back someday.

Pink Waders said...

fantastic pictures and what a beautiful day!

T. Brook Smith said...

Haven't seen you post in a while and I did see some nasty weather footage from Fiji recently. Hope your crowd is ok over there.

hector200 said...

Awesome Report mi amigo congrats.

Wooden Signs said...

An extremely enjoyable article and fantastic pictures. I live in Florida and I couldn't think of a better place for a fisherman to live