Saturday, June 25, 2011

A very sad tale of a dead Suzuki motor

I have a very sad tale to tell. A tale of immeasurable heartbreak and one that continues to this day. My Suzuki 200 hp 4 stroke has salt water in one of the cylinders. Now this is something you can deal with if your motor has 3000 hours on it, but my motor has 450 hours and is still like new.

Here is the story in a nut shell

The problem arose on a recent fishing trip. I was about 15 miles from Pacific Harbour when I noticed the engine was idling rough. When I tried to accelerate the engine would hesitate and then accelerate, but only up to 3000 rpm. When I would bring the throttle back to the neutral position the engine would cut out. I then turned and headed for home as it was getting late and I wanted to get back before dark. I managed to make it back but the engine would only do 3000 rpm for the entire trip. I arrived at my dock just after dark and proceeded to flush the motor and clean it.

The next day I pulled the spark plugs and found the starboard side number 2 cylinder plug was fouled.

I then purchased new plugs from Niranjans (Suzuki dealer) and installed them. I was hoping this would solve the problem. I took the boat for a test run and it did the same thing, idle rough, hesitate, and not go over 3000 rpm. I returned to the dock and pulled the starboard number 2 plug. It had water on it and when I tasted it, it was salty.

This sad tale happened over six weeks ago. Since that time the one and only Suzuki dealership in Fiji, Niranjans, has done absolutely nothing. They have my motor, but have not even taken a look at it. Now they have stopped taking my calls and when I do get through to someone they tell me they will get to it the next day.

Needless to say their smoke and mirrors is not working with me. I know they do not want to warranty my motor, which is shit. Now I am left to my own means of seeking and extracting any sort of satisfaction from them.

So I start here with my blog. This has affected my ability to fish, which does not make for a very happy or calm Fish Whisperer. Nor does it give me any wonderful tales of fishing to share with you all.

Now I ask you all, if you know of someone high up in the Suzuki company that could be of assistance, please send them my tales of woe or send me their email/contact. Maybe, just maybe there might be a silver lining to this.

In the mean time I truly might go mad if I do not get to fish soon.

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Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Very sad story indeed, and I feel your pain and anger.

I have heard so many similar stories from outboards dealership over here in Australia, that I sometime wonder if this is not a world wide problem...

Have a good day.

Marco said...

Sorry for you. I know that feeling of rage..... It has happened to me in Ghana before.... At the end of the day, i decided to search in the net, get an independent mechanic, and order the parts by Federal Express. They came and in less than a week I was back to the waters...

If I were you, I will go to Fiji, and do not leave the shop unless your engine is Fixed.

Good luck Amigo.

galamasuva said...

come on callan... get it fixed! I need the pictures of Fijian GT in our urban jungle of Bangkok.

Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

So did you get it back working?

Have a good day.

John said...

My condolences for the recently departed. A blue water angler without a boat is like an albatross with clipped wings and will surely not last long. Good luck from Canada.

T. Brook Smith said...

Suzuki is not the preferred brand in Belize. Yamaha.