Monday, May 2, 2011

Everything days

I really wanted to eat fish. Maybe that sounds a little harsh, but it was true. I wanted to eat fish.
So what does any self respecting angler do? Go fishing of course. After all, buying fish is out of the question. Although I must say that with the current price of fuel, $2.50 per liter, it is probably cheaper to buy fish than take the boat out and catch fish.
Never mind, it's only money and besides I love fishing.
With the boat loaded we head out around 7:30 am.
Included onboard is Brendan, videographer and jigging mad.
John, business partner and always ready for a fish.
Rosie, partner in everything and always ready to show us how to fish.
And of course myself.
A little chop but otherwise a magnificent morning.
We come out of the river mouth like a race horse out of the gate.
A short trip across the channel and within 30 minutes our lines are in the water.
Rapala Lucanus jigs, River2Sea Octo jigs, Soft plastics, and a 3.5 ounce metal jig were the lure of the day.
Brendan's first fish on the boat was sent back to the deep as bait by Rosie. It took about 30 seconds before the bait was smashed. Whatever it was it had teeth and was really fast. It was probably a Spanish mackerel, but we never saw it before it cut three layers of 50lb leader. Note to self, bring steel leaders when fishing live bait.
Next up was an awesome surprise, I was using a little knife jig on a 30lb set-up, when out of nowhere, SLAM! I am hooked up and this thing is tearing off like a bat out of hell. After a good fight and a trip around the boat I manage to bring a nice GT onboard.
Not long afterwards Brendan hooks up to a Rainbow Runner.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan
A few more mixed species are caught within the hour nothing really picture worthy.
Then things slow down for a while and of course that means it is time to have some fun.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan

Damn, why am I not catching any fish? The hooks are sharp.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan

Now it is Johns turn to put one on deck. A nice little grouper.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan
I then proceeded to land a Blue trevally on a knife jig.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan

John now has the hang of this soft plastic jigging thing as is evident by his smile.
I am only going to briefly touch on the subject of Brendan breaking his brand new jigging rod. I think the image of him pouting says it all.
This was definitely one of those everything days. We caught 22 fish with maybe 10 or 12 species. We had sun, rain, wind and everything in between. Including a rainbow.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan

We ended the day with fish in the ice chest and smiles on our faces.
From John, Brendan, Rosie and Callan
Until next time.
Tight lines


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Nice GT on 30lb!

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Great to visit and read of your fishing adventures and flat out fun again. Happy, silly, and good fishing is good for the tummy and soul.

hector200 said...

Nice fish mi amigo congrats.

Assistant said...

22 fish with that many different kind of species? wow, sounds like a nice fishing day.

Where were you out fishing?

thanks for sharing, enjoyed the pictures!