Thursday, February 17, 2011

$2.30 per liter and rising

A good friend of mine, Nick Hannan of Marine Graphics Ink, is visiting from Melbourne, Australia. I have introduced him before. He is the one who helped create my logo and was featured on this site with his speed drawing videos.
We just had to go for a fish. After all, isn't that what life is about?
This day it would be Rosie, Nick, Brendan and myself. It was a beauty of a day, flat seas and no wind.
From Brendan and Nick Feb 2011
I have decided to do my part for the environment and conserve fuel. So when we head out we troll instead of running full speed to the reefs. Ok, actually I am just trying to ease the pain on my pocket book. Fuel here in Fiji is around $2.30 a liter and rising, so every little bit helps.
Anyways, we start trolling and everyones spirits are high. About 15 minutes out two of the rods go off. Now with our spirits high and all a bit of pandemonium breaks out. I don't think anyone was ready for a fish.
Luckily all on board are seasoned anglers and soon have the other lines cleared and two small Yellowfin Tuna are soon on deck.
From Brendan and Nick Feb 2011
Now everyone is tuned into fishing. We resume trolling and within minutes we have another strike. This one is a much better fish. It is taking line and Nick is on the rod. The fish finally slows down and Nick starts to gain back a bit. Then another run and...........gone! Bit right through the steel leader. Damn! Maybe a Wahoo or Spanish Mackerel.
That was it for the trolling. Time to popper fish.
To say we had a bit of gear on board would be an understatement. I think we each had three complete setups.
Nick and Rosie immediately get into casting big poppers trying to raise a GT. Brendan on the other hand decides to do a bit of jigging using a Lucanus jig by Shimano.
Now this kind of jigging is done by dropping the jig to the bottom and winding up a crank or two. That's it, just let the boat move up and down and the drift does the rest. It can be very deadly on grouper and cod.
At last, Brendan is hooked up and as he starts pumping his catch to the surface we all wait in anticipation.
Wow it's the fishes house!
From Brendan and Nick Feb 2011
As the popping session continues it seems there is a bit of lock jaw going on. Not only that but we barely raise a fish.
We cover a huge amount of ground until finally Rosie hooks a Bluefin trevally.
From Brendan and Nick Feb 2011
All goes quiet again as Rosie and Nick get into a rhythm of casting and popping to cover ground. Still, it seems as if the fish have gone on vacation. This continues for the next couple of hours until our two casting machines are pretty much done.
It is a big job casting 50lb gear all day.
Opportunity presented itself for yours truly to step up to the front of the boat and sling a few lures. Rosie and Nick were having a rest and Brendan was still jigging when I had Rosie take the wheel.
Now fishing is a fickle sport. Were as two people can throw the exact same bait to the same spot and one will catch and the other will get frustrated. Guess where this analogy is going.
I make a few casts and as it happens, I immediately get a nice strike and hook-up a GT. After a short fight I boat a nice GT and return to the wheel. Of course all of that happened with a lot of curses and prodding for catching a fish so quickly.
From Brendan and Nick Feb 2011
Well it turned out to be a good day once again. After all it beats work hands down.
Until next time. Tight lines

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Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

This still look like a nice and relaxing day at sea, fishing, and catching some nice fishes.

You guys seems to alway wear gloves when fishing.
I have for some time wondered if I should get some, and you once advised my (on my blog) to wear some.
The reason I was thinking about glove is just that I love spinning from the shore, and often come back home with some blister all over my hands.
(I know it's a hard life...)
So basically for someone fishing in tropical Australia (30 degree and high humidity), is there some type of glove that you would recommend?

Have a good day,