Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One in a hundred

We went out for a day trip with Renee, Brianna, Mike, Thomas, Kym and Caroline. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing and lunch was on the menu. We lucked out, I think it was the nicest day all year.
We met at the jetty at about 10am and we were greeted by a large water snake named Fred.
From Day trip with Renee and friends
It is winter here in Fiji so Fred was trying to warm up before his days excursions.
We headed out to a clear and calm morning. Our first stop is what used to be a sand bar until the storms last year flattened it. The water around it is crystal clear with a sandy bottom.
We like our swimming holes with sandy bottoms not ourselves.
From Day trip with Renee and friends
The water here is always this color. In the image you can see where the sand bar used to be. This time last year it was over 20ft high and had drift wood on it as well as picnicers from the resorts. Never the less it is still a great swimming hole.
It also made for a good place to work on ones tan.
Next up was a bit of trolling while we moved to our next destination. The lines were set and the course was laid, now it is time to break up the monotony of trolling with a bit of fun.
First comes out the blue zinc oxide that is used to completely block out the sun and also great fun when goofing around.
From Day trip with Renee and friends
Caroline and Brianna with blue lips.
At first it was just the kids but then it turned into everyone onboard wearing blue lips.
From Day trip with Renee and friends
Thomas and Mike sporting blue lips too.
We trolled for awhile and had a couple of strikes but nothing stayed on.
As time was moving quickly we had to pull in the lines and get to the next spot, as they wanted to try a bit of popping.
We arrived at the popping spot and I set up a drift. Within seconds the first GT was on and Renee was having the fight of her life.
From Day trip with Renee and friends
Notice the lovely blue lips and a nice GT.
Not more that a few minutes and the second GT was hooked up. This time it was Thomas's turn to have the fight of his life.
A nice dark GT and of course blue lips.
Unfortunately time had run out and we had to make a lunch appointment. So the rods were stowed and off we went.
A bit more swimming and some fish tales later we wrapped up an awesome day.
I like to call this day a one in a hundred. For every hundred days on the water one is this good.
Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Fun with the blue lips. Amazing how storms can make things appear and disappear especially when they are big storms. Sand bars, ship wrecks, reefs. Good to see you back posting.


Nigel said...

Storms and changes... renewal of the fishing grounds... Thanks for posting fish whisperer. This post feels more relaxed... different from the usual hardcore action

Anonymous said...

You gotta' love it when everyone is relaxing and having lots of fun at the same time. Looks like the "blue lips craze" turned out to be the fun connector for the day along with water, sun, and fish. Thanks for sharing, Callan.

Jose Valle said...

Realmente viven ustedes en un paraiso, aguas cristalinas y buena pesca...que mas se puede pedir.
Felicitaciones por esos GT.

Un saludo

António Simões said...


Very nice place and beautiful fishing!! Where is it?? Where is your paradise??I want go there for a trip fhishing with my wife!!

Best regards
António from Portugal

mizlan darkartcaster said...

Gt heaven!...someday i will come at your place

Al Moy said...

That indeed was a beautiful day, "One in a hundred" as described. I am from Fiji originally and have always wanted to target GTs with poppers. Maybe one day soon I will be popping those reefs you visited. Very nice GTs in the pics though I know there are ever much bigger ones...sets the adrenaline going eh? Moce mada.

Izzy said...

That water is AMAZING!

Cape Cod Fishing Guides said...

This looks like a beautiful place to fish, great photos too. Thanks for sharing!

The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Now that is a swimming hole! I am clicking on the "follow" button right now!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Maxdence said...

Great post its look very nice, here man, water, fish is wow. I never seen before thanks a lot.
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