Thursday, May 6, 2010

Searching for new waters

I had made up my mind that we needed to find some new waters to fish. So I asked Yuki and Ricky is they wanted to go, as well as Rosie and myself. I needed experienced anglers so I would know if there was fish or not.
The morning was a beauty, calm, almost too calm, a bit of sun and gin clear water.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
We found some very fishy looking waters and began fishing.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
It was not long before we had a double kook up to a couple of Red Bass.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
Yuki with a cracker of a Bass.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
Unfortunately the tides and moon were not in our favor. A bit of moving from place to place was called for and hence the warriors were made to wait.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
Finally we get what we came for. A GT, the king of the reef. We knew they were here we just had to work out the formula, and Rosie cracked it first.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
I just love these fish.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
Yuki onto a big Barracuda.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
What happened Yuki? Where's the fish. Oh well, one of the side effects of barbless hooks. If the fish jumps and twists a lot there is a possibility it will throw the hooks.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
Rosie showing the boys how it is done with her second GT.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
The weather is starting to get a bit rough. The swell picks up out of the South and so does the wind. It is all I can do to keep the boat off the reef. But the area just looks too damn fishy to quit. Perseverance pays off and Ricky lands a nice Bluefin Trevally.
From Exploration with Yuki & Ricky
By now the wind is howling and it is really hard to even stand in the boat. Just as well, Yuki has an appointment to get to and we have a ways to go to get home.
As we head for home the conversation is all about the potential of our newly found fishing spot.
We decide unanimously that we can't wait to get back there and fish it some more.

Tight lines


Anonymous said...

Hi Callan, Rosie and gang, good choice you made in wanting to fish some new waters. Finding some new waters with good fish sure gets the adrenalin running! Looking forward to your next trip.

Shoreman said...

Nice job team. Always good to have "backup" waters to fish. Amazes me how big the lures are and that the fish take them. Biggest I've ever fished with in saltwater was a Zara Spook. Now I use the spook for Stripers.


Nigel said...

Its admirable that you even use the moon phase in your fishing quests... very detailed angler you are

Wolfy said...

Sounds like a great new spot. I LOVE the colors on the bluefin trevalley.

And, while a chop is better for fishing, it is NEVER too calm for me on the open water!!


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Very nice fish!! Looks like it was a great day.

David McKenzie said...

Some great fishing right there. Love those big poppers!

Lydia said...

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Patrick Cooper said...

Fantastic blog! keep up the good work!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Callen: Wonderful fish, they sure grow them big over there.