Thursday, January 14, 2010

Window of opportunity

The wind has finally lessened and the weather is a little calmer. It seems like forever since I have been out on the water but really only about two weeks.
Friends just in from America, Katie, and some from Australia, Nick and Becky. So the weather is good and we must fish.
From Nick, Becky, Katie
Believe it or not this is a really calm day compared to what we have been experiencing.
Nick being artistically lit by the flash.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Becky relaxing on the way to the reefs.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Katie getting into the action.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Becky getting into the action.

It was not long before the fish were on the chew. Once the tides are right it seems everything comes together all at the same time. There is this window that opens up and if you are there and fishing you will catch fish. Only problem is when the window closes that's it, the bite shuts down and anything after that is pure chance and a lot of work.
I try to fish that window by being about 1 1/2 hours before right through to 1 1/2 hours after. Seems to work and here is some proof that I am not just blowing chop.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Nice Bass, too bad they are poison.

From Nick, Becky, Katie

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Not really sure what this is. If you know let me know.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
A nice GT and rather long.

From Nick, Becky, Katie
Katie with a nice GT caught on 30lb. She has now discovered that they can pull and put up a real fight.
These are not trout, they are bad ass fish that will give you a work out.
The total for the day was 7 fish in the boat in 4 1/2 hours. All of them caught in that little window when everything is just right.
By the time we called it a day the wind had started up and so had the seas. Everyone settled down for the trip back with stories to tell and sore muscles.

Tight lines


Zach J said...

I have no idea what that one fish was either, but it was big and must have been fun to catch. So the bass is poisonous? What do you guys catch that you eat in Fiji?

jepp79 said...

Nice catch. wow! didn't know the yellow fish will hit popper. Here is bad weather..could't go fishing

Ben said...

Looks like a great day! That GT is huge, and that yellow fish looks cool. Nice work!

Nigel said...

its one of my dreams to fish the blue water reefs and atolls one day. Until then, anglers like u can only inspire me to reach that aim :D

Charles R. Craumer said...

very cool, i spent 6 months traveling around fiji two separate trips in 2004. I had a great time, i ended up spending the majority of my time on taveuni and got to spend alot of time exploring the ringold isles and surrounding island. pretty amazing place you live in. your lucky to live in fiji.

MIZLAN said...

i'm back!...great catch my friend!

Stefan said...

the unknown fish is a maori sea perch

BassFishingDem said...

Looks like a decent day out. Seems like anymore, my time on the water is spent searching for a narrow window of opportunity. I'd like to find a revolving door, but a window will do just fine too.

amir said...

what a good catch.. great..!!

Adrian at Matava said...

Hi Mate,
Maori Seaperch - Lutjanus Rivulatus - if you want to be geeky :)
Also known as a Scribbled Snapper...

Maxdence said...

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